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How do you rent a private jet and how much does it cost?

The best way to quickly find yourself in a different partlight is a flight on a passenger plane. Today it is a fairly affordable and safe means of transportation, but often the flight is accompanied by loud screams of children, annoying neighbors, and sometimes violent passengers. Presidents, successful businessmen and famous artists have the opportunity to fly in private jets. In fact, every person has such an opportunity, and for this you do not need to buy your own aircraft - you can rent it for a fairly reasonable price. For example, if you have a company with 50 employees and the whole team needs to fly from St. Petersburg to Moscow, you can rent a plane for about 800 thousand rubles. If this amount is divided equally, each passenger will pay only about 16,000 rubles per ticket. You can order a private jet from many organizations, and you can calculate the cost right now. Let's play with numbers?

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  • 1 How do I book a private jet?
  • 2 How much does a private jet cost?
  • 3 Most popular planes
    • 3.1 Boeing business jets
    • 3.2 Falcon business jets
    • 3.3 Gulfstream Aerospace aircraft
  • 4 How to quickly order a business jet?

How do I book a private jet?

It is very important for passenger aircraft owners thatso that someone constantly flew on them. After all, if the aircraft just stands still, it does not bring any money. And for parking and maintenance of such huge structures you have to pay, and very large sums. To keep costs down, aircraft owners give them to operators who take orders for private flights. And there are many people who want to book a private jet, because it is very convenient. Passengers need not be afraid of being late for the flight, check-in and customs control can be completed in 15 minutes, and there is no one extra inside the plane.

If the plane is idle, the company loses money

To book a private jet, you need to follow 5 steps:

  • apply on the website of the profile company, indicating the time and route of the flight, the number of passengers and the preferred aircraft model;
  • choose the best optionoffered by the operator. There are usually several aircraft available at different prices per flight;
  • sign contractwhere the rights and obligations of the passenger and the management company are outlined;
  • pay for the flight in any available way;
  • undergo pre-flight training, within which you need to submit all the necessary documents. For example, if a pet flies on a plane, you need a veterinary passport and a certificate of its health.

After all this, it remains to arrive at the desired terminal, register and sit on any seat on the plane. The crew on board must make the flight as comfortable as possible.

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How much does a private jet cost?

If we are talking about the full purchase of an aircraft, then thisvery expensive. According to 2016 data, the smallest and cheapest Airbus A318 costs around $ 75 million. It makes more sense to rent planes because it costs much less. The cost of renting an aircraft depends on 5 factors:

  • route and flight duration. This is a completely logical factor, because the farther it fliesthe plane, the more the ticket costs. A direct flight is always cheaper than a connecting flight. Also, the price depends on the place of departure - at the airports of large cities there are usually more free planes, and in small ones they may not be at all;
  • aircraft type. A person can order either budgeta turboprop aircraft, or afford an expensive, heavy jet. They have their pros and cons. For example, budget planes are unlikely to be able to cover long distances without refueling. And jet models are unlikely to hold many passengers;
  • quality of service at the airport. Before boarding the plane, you need to go through the terminal. You can save money and go through the general one by standing in line. But if you want everything to be fast, you need a VIP terminal;
  • quality of service on board. There are guides on board whose purpose is to makeflight as comfortable as possible. If you want to save money, you will have to take the usual in-flight meals. But you can also order delicacies, which will cost much more;
  • broker's commission. In most cases, the business aviation market is controlled by intermediaries between customers and operators. They definitely take a commission, which can range from 5 to 50% of the order value.

Generally speaking, you are unlikely to findprivate jet is cheaper than 500,000 rubles. Having paid the minimum money, you definitely rent a plane, but the conditions are unlikely to be comfortable. But you can order a more expensive plane and fly in a large group so that the amount can be divided among themselves.

In fact, Airbus and Boeing aircraft are already becoming obsolete. In the future, this aircraft may notice them.

Most popular aircraft

Operators can offer many options with a wide variety of aircraft. But let's take a look at the 3 most interesting ones.

Boeing business jet aircraft

Aircraft of this series have been in use since 1999 andcan accommodate from 25 to 50 passengers. Inside, the most comfortable conditions for flight are provided. In addition to modern TVs, the salon may have a shower cabin, a dining room, a conference room and a living room. The furniture is upholstered in leather, the finishes are made of natural wood, and the appliances are selected so that passengers will not be bored. The cost of an hour of flight on Boeing business jets starts at 817,000, but this is the very minimum. You can order more spacious models with the most comfortable conditions, but the price will be sky-high.

Boeing business jet cabin

Falcon business jet aircraft

A distinctive feature of these aircraftlies in the fact that they are equipped with three motors. Thanks to this, they can take off even from short runways and land at smaller airports. Falcon jets look good both outside and inside. Like the Boeing, the salon is sheathed with expensive materials and equipped with TVs and other electronics. An hour of flight on a Falcon business jet starts at 300,000 rubles. Very attractive price when compared to the Boeing business jet.

Falcon business jet salon

Gulfstream Aerospace aircraft

American manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospacehas the tacit status of "the king of business jets." His aircraft are designed for long-distance flights. For example, the Gulfstream G650ER model can cover almost 14,000 kilometers, that is, without transfers, take passengers to another part of the world. Aircraft cabin capacity is not very large and ranges from 4 to 21 people. An hour of flight on a Gulfstream costs from 500,000 rubles, but the final cost, of course, depends on the level of comfort.

Gulfstream Aerospace salon

Important: the indicated prices could already be outdated and this is the minimal cost. If you want comfort, renting the planes mentioned above will be very expensive.

How to quickly order a business jet?

Currently, the easiest way to flya private jet is to order a plane from the Russian airline S7 Airlines. Basically, it is a service that makes it easy to book a large enough plane for personal needs. However, the company does not provide a large selection of aircraft and only a branded aircraft is available. The business class of the aircraft can accommodate 24 passengers, while the economy class has 72 seats. People can take luggage and carry-on luggage, and one place for sports equipment is also provided. Unlike the methods described above, you do not need to search for contacts for booking an aircraft for a long time, everything is done through the site.

S7 Airlines plane

At the moment, the greatest interest for ouredition presents a calculator of the cost of the flight. In it, you can specify where you need to fly from and where, how many people there are and what level of service you want to receive. For example, when the coronavirus pandemic finally ends, you can find in your city people who want to fly on vacation to Sochi. If you rent an S7 Airlines plane for 96 people, the total cost of the flight will be 1,365,210 rubles. But if you divide this amount between all passengers, each person will pay 14,220 rubles. It seems to be not bad.

S7 Airlines salon

Well, or here's another example. If the editors of suddenly need to fly to St. Petersburg, we can rent an S7 Airlines plane for 964 776 rubles, taking into account business services. If we have, say, 10 people, each seat will cost about 96,000 rubles. It turns out to be expensive, but the very ability to fly on your own plane is impressive.

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And finally, I wonder - did you wantrent your own plane and for what purposes? Maybe you even had the experience of such flights. This is a pretty interesting topic to discuss, so if you have anything to say, welcome to the comments.