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How do they disperse clouds before the holidays in Russia?

So that on important Russian holidays like 9May was sunny weather without rain, special services are engaged in dispersal of rain clouds. As a rule, this technology is used only when necessary, when clouds begin to form around the venue - weather control is very expensive. From the name alone, it might seem that the clouds are dispersed with the help of artificial gusts of wind created by aircraft, but they are not - in fact, experts spray chemicals into the clouds to provoke precipitation before they reach Moscow or another city. Millions of rubles are spent on this, and for many, the ability to control the weather itself seems like a miracle. So let's see how it all happens.

Some people don't know how clouds move, so it's time to talk about it


  • 1 How are rain clouds formed?
  • 2 How are clouds dispersed?
  • 3 How much does cloud dispersal cost?
  • 4 When did you learn to disperse clouds?

How are rain clouds formed?

At any given time, there areinvisible water vapor that evaporates from the surface of the seas, oceans and other water surfaces. When they rise to the top, condensation occurs, in which tiny droplets of liquid are formed that scatter light - the combination of all these particles is called clouds. It is important to note that drops cannot form from scratch. They form when liquid envelops small dust particles and other particles. For rain to fall, the droplets need to become heavy enough to start falling down. This process can be accelerated by spraying particles larger than dust particles. This is the technology of dispersal of clouds.

The dispersal of clouds means the acceleration of the formation of raindrops

What is used to disperse clouds?

The easiest way is to spray into the cloudsseveral bags of cement. This happens very simply: the packages are tied with cables and dropped from the aircraft, after which they are torn. Assuming that the volume of one cloud is approximately 20 cubic kilometers, about 30 kilograms of binder is needed to launch precipitation. It is believed that such an amount of powder is not capable of greatly harming the environment, but after the provoked rain, dirty marks remain on the walls of houses and cars. Silver iodide can also be chosen as a replacement for cement, but it is much more expensive.

Igniters PV-26

Since overclocking clouds requires a large investment,in some cases, they try not to resort to it. Therefore, first, Roshydromet employees conduct a thorough radar observation of the sky over the area of ​​interest. If clouds begin to form over the territory, an airplane flies into place and changes all the necessary parameters. The data is sent to the control center, where they decide whether a special aircraft flight is necessary and, if so, how many reagents are required.

There is no convincing evidence of the harmfulness of the dispersal of rain clouds.

When did you learn to disperse clouds?

It is believed that for the first time the dispersal of clouds wascarried out in 1986, in the zone of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Fallout prevention was necessary to reduce the possibility of radioactive waste entering the river. It is noteworthy that this was not a one-time mission - rains were prevented from May to December. The current methods of dispersal of clouds appeared in the 1990s and have hardly changed since then.

An-12 aircraft were used to disperse clouds over Chernobyl

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Turns out we're doing pretty well.with weather control. But at the moment, only rain or snow is subject to people. No one knows how to prevent hurricanes, and even destructive tornadoes sometimes appear in Russia. Thought they occur only in the USA and other parts of the Earth? But no!