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How do smartphones make life easier for blind people?

According to the World Health Organization,there are about 39 million blind people in the world. In the 21st century, the life of most of them has become easier thanks to high technology. Whereas earlier they could only walk down the street with the help of guide dogs, today they can do it thanks to their smartphones. This is because mobile devices are perfectly adapted for use by people with disabilities. Not only are they able to voice everything that happens on the screen, but they can also tell what emotions the surrounding people experience. It may seem that all this is not true, but no - there are such functions in almost every smartphone. More recently, Google has developed an app that allows blind people to exercise on treadmills.

There are millions of blind people in the world, but every year they live better.

Smartphones for blind people

Functions that help blind peopleuse smartphones, is available in almost all versions of the Android and iOS operating systems. Usually they are hidden in the settings, namely in the "Accessibility" section. There you can turn on the sound of the interface elements and text displayed on the screen. New smartphones that are equipped with powerful processors even use computer vision. This means that people can point a smartphone camera at an object and find out what it is. In general, the capabilities of mobile devices today are truly amazing and make the lives of almost all people noticeably easier.

IOS Accessibility

In 2019, Huawei released an app,which is able to recognize the emotions of people. People with poor eyesight can turn it on and talk with other people - the application will use sounds to tell you what emotions the interlocutor is experiencing. Called Facing Emotions, the app is capable of recognizing seven emotions and has long been released on Google Play. It was originally reported that it is only available on Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphones. But now, apparently, there are no restrictions - there is an "install" button even on my Samsung.

Facing Emotions App

The idea of ​​the application is, of course, interesting. But it's not clear why such a function is needed at all. It is hard to believe that some person will hold a smartphone with a camera pointed at the interlocutor. After all, emotions can be easily recognized not only by facial expressions. Voice and intonation are the best indicators of emotion. Probably, the application was created only to demonstrate the possibilities.

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New app from Google

But the new Google app seems very evenuseful. In its official blog, the company talked about the development of an application that will help blind people to exercise on treadmills. The only condition is that the smartphone must be powerful enough, and a prominent line must be drawn along the path. Good technical characteristics are necessary for artificial intelligence to work, because all calculations take place inside the smartphone. And the line is needed to complete the main task - the application helps you stay on track and run smoothly along the road.

The app is not yet available on Google Play. You can participate in testing by filling out this form

Developers tested the application on a closedtreadmill and the results were impressive. A completely blind volunteer who participated in the test ran eight laps without problems, focusing only on the sounds in the headphones. At the moment, Google wants to negotiate with the authorities of American cities on the construction of special treadmills for the blind. And this is great news, because scientists have long known that even a daily 5-minute run can extend life by 3 years.

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