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How do people make money doing nothing

Probably, in childhood, many dreamed thatevery person in the world gave them one ruble - if this happens by some miracle, you can instantly earn 8 billion! As they get older, this dream changes slightly, and people want to find a "dream job" where they can do nothing and get paid for it. This idea may seem fantastic, but there are indeed men and women in the world who get paid simply for doing nothing. Within the framework of this article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several stories about people who earn their living with the easiest work: some just sleep, walk and live for their own pleasure. How is this possible?

Some people make good money doing nothing for it


  • 1 Job where you don't have to do anything
  • 2 Jobs to sleep in
  • 3 Jobs that require queuing
  • 4 How much do wrestlers get for work

A job where you don't have to do anything

One of the easiest jobs in the worldis 38-year-old Japanese Shoji Morimoto. Previously, he worked in an ordinary company, where he was often reproached for doing nothing. After that, he began to think about providing his ability to "do nothing" as a service. The thin man, who has no special talents, quickly found clients who are willing to pay him.

Japanese Shoji Morimoto

According to Shoji Morimoto, mainly his workis to be where his customers want and not to do anything special. Once he was asked to go to the park and swing a man on a swing. Another order was for a man to come to the railway station and see the stranger off, waving to him from the platform.

Shoji Morimoto having lunch with a client

The man does not take on difficult work - once he was asked to move the refrigerator, but he refused. It also does not provide sexual services.

In four years, Shoji Morimoto completed about 4,000 orders. Each of them costs about 70 US dollars - enough to provide for himself, his wife and child.

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A job to sleep in

Scientists regularly conduct research tolearn how sleep affects the human body. For example, relatively recently it was found that frequent daytime sleep can be a sign of dangerous diseases.

To conduct experiments on sleep, scientiststhey are looking for volunteers - they are paid money for participation. Men and women are usually only required to sleep. All other matters, including monitoring their health indicators, the researchers do themselves. In some cases, volunteers need to do the opposite, refrain from sleep - this is how scientists investigate the impact of lack of sleep on health.

Participants in some experiments get paid for sleeping

In 2019 NASA aerospace agencyoffered volunteers $19,000 to do nothing in bed for about two months. This is quite a reasonable amount for such an ordeal - a long absence of movement can seem like torture to any person.

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Jobs to queue for

Hardly anyone likes to stand in line to the doctoror at the entrance to the store during the release of the new iPhone. To save themselves from this unpleasant business, some people hire a tramitador - a person who will stand in line for them. In fact, this is a very easy job in which you need to stay alert so as not to lose your place and you can go about your business. While standing in line, tramitadors can watch series on their phones, listen to podcasts, and read books.

Some people are willing to stand in line if they get paid money.

How much do wrestlers get for work

Probably no one needs to explain that inwrestling fights are not real - this is a premeditated performance. But do not think that the work of wrestlers is very easy. For many months they need to watch their bodies and learn acrobatic tricks. During battles, there is always a chance of serious injuries - not everyone will dare to jump on a person from the height of a stepladder.

No matter what they say, wrestling is a very dangerous occupation.

With all this, some wrestlers gethuge salaries for doing next to nothing. As of 2020, wrestler Mark Calway or "The Undertaker" was earning $2.5 million annually. At the same time, he entered the ring a couple of times a year - the rest of the time he could sit at home. His only task was to maintain good physical shape.

Mark "The Undertaker" Calway

Of course, this cannot be called receiving money for a full-fledged "nothing". However, if we compare the amount of the fee and the number of performances per year, the difference is very large.

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