How do people colonize our galaxy?

Humanity has long wondered whether it is possiblelife on other planets and dreams one day not only to find, but also to fly to other worlds outside our solar system. To make a dream come true, you need to read something. In the near future - the conquest of the moon, then Mars, and then the other planets. But what will happen after? If we can develop the necessary technologies that will allow flights between the stars (billions and billions of kilometers), what will it look like?

How does humanity colonize the Milky Way?

Chinese scientists have developed a computer model that shows the most likely scenario of human settlement throughout our entire Milky Way galaxy.

The model was created with the expectation thathumanity has already developed all the necessary technology and has all the resources necessary for such galactic colonization. According to their estimates, this should happen in about ten years.

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First, the experts calculated suitable routes for settling 100,000 planetary systems that are considered by space researchers as suitable for potential settlement.

According to the idea of ​​scientists, flights between the starswill be carried out with the help of huge so-called ships of the generations - starships, on board which during the flight will be replaced by hundreds of thousands of generations of people. We wrote about this concept in one of our previous articles.

Something like this in the view of scientists can look like a ship of generations

The computer model shows how the processhuman settlement begins with the fact that starships (blue and green stripes) leave the solar system (orange dot). When they reach a planet suitable for colonization, people base their colonies on it. The planets themselves become new starting points for further human settlement (red stripes). The whole process is reminiscent of fireworks explosions. By the time the simulation ends, humankind is fully developing the Perseus Arm, one of the main spiral arms of our galaxy.

Video of the process can be viewed below:

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