How do movie makers fool us?

Do you like cinema the way I love it? I think the question turned out to be a little rhetorical, since everyone or almost everyone likes movies. Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a swirling plot, cool special effects, gorgeous girls and some stamps that we take for granted. Today we will see if there is a scientific justification for what sometimes happens on the screen, and whether it is possible to believe everything that is shown.

Today we will once again destroy myths

Often films are made to be morespectacular. The viewer does not care what happens there, the main thing is that he understands everything. As practice shows, not everyone thinks why, when fired at the lid (!) Of the gas tank flap, the car explodes. Fortunately, filmmakers depart from such crude accents, but some cliches still remain. Here they are!


  • 1 Is it possible to euthanize a person with chloroform?
  • 2 Can ancient animals be revived?
  • 3 You have the right to remain silent
  • 4 What is the temperature of the meteorite
  • 5 Is a bullet capable of reclining a person
  • 6 How many calls is a detainee entitled?
  • 7 Two-handed shooting
  • 8 Pulling checks with teeth
  • 9 How not to drown in quicksand
  • 10 Are sharks dangerous?
  • 11 Why are we being deceived?

Is it possible to euthanize a person with chloroform?

The answer is yes and no. Chloroform is shown in the movie as an ideal chemical weapon that can lull a person from the first breath. At the same time, without causing him harm.

Chloroform is an organic chemical compound. Under normal conditions, a colorless volatile liquid with an ethereal odor and a sweet taste. It is practically insoluble in water. Miscible with most organic solvents. Incombustible. Phosgene poisoning is possible when working with chloroform, which has been stored for a long time in the light in a warm place.

In fact, chloroform works differently. It really can deprive a person of feelings. In this case, do not even need large doses. The very scarf moistened with chloroform is enough to immerse the “grandmother in a deep healthy sleep”. That's just instantly it can not happen. Even with large doses, it will take about five minutes to euthanize a person.

So they put people to sleep in the movies, but in life it does not work

It is for this reason that chloroform is used.criminals only on the big screen. In life, it is used on the contrary for the benefit of a person, since it has some useful properties and is even used as anesthesia.

Can ancient animals be revived?

Thanks to many films, we think that the ancientsanimals can be revived through science. More and more thoughts about this are being thrown by films such as Jurassic Park. If you believe its creators, we can find in the stones, amber, in ice and other places the DNA of ancient monsters and “revive” them.

Perhaps once upon a time it was possible to meet such things on our planet, but it is already impossible to revive

You haven’t seen this before: crazy first-person drone shooting

We hasten to disappoint you! This is impossible ... The question here is not even the development of science, but that DNA cannot exist for so long. You will say that scientists were able to restore the mammoth DNA and you will be right. But mammoths died out 4,000 years ago, and dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The difference is more than substantial.

You have the right to remain silent

In movies, we often see cops in the USAthey catch the criminal, handcuff him, and at that moment read his rights to him, beginning with the words "You have the right to remain silent." This is done in accordance with the Miranda rule, which really exists, but only in the cinema everything was distorted as always.

The Miranda Rule is a legal requirement inThe United States of America, according to which, during detention, the detainee must be informed of his rights, and the law enforcement officer detaining him must receive a positive answer to the question of whether he understands what was said.

This is probably done in order to showwhat brave guys work in the police, and how they respect the rights of any person, even a criminal. In fact, the rights are read out, as a rule, before the interrogation, and after that the officer must necessarily get an answer that the detainee understood his rights.

The rights of the suspect can also be read out after detention

Miranda's rule was introduced by decision of the SupremeUS Courts in 1966 to secure the right not to incriminate oneself. Since then, any information received from a detainee during interrogation before his rights were read to him cannot be considered valid evidence. Therefore, the rights are read precisely before the interrogation, and not during the detention. It is unlikely that the police will interrogate the criminal in the car while they are taking him to the police station.

What is the temperature of the meteorite

Now films about the collision of meteorites withLand is removed less often than before, but they are still there. Very often in these films, meteorites are shown as fireballs that are hot on their own. But you and I understand that this is not so.

An example of a meteorite that is already burning, but has not even entered the atmosphere

A meteorite is a cold stone that, upon enteringleaves a trail of fire in the atmosphere. It’s just that this does not come from internal heat, but from friction against the air and the release of energy that heats it. However, in some films meteorites are shown precisely as heat sources, which is fundamentally wrong.

Is a bullet able to recline a person

Often in the movies we see the heroes shoot someone and he flies back. Do you think this is possible in life? Hardly!

The laws of physics cannot be deceived, and if the victimthrows back bullets from hitting him, the shooter should experience even a greater impulse. It will be more from the fact that in the case of the victim the bullet gradually slows down, penetrating the body, and at the shooter it leaves the pistol, which is relatively rigidly fixed in the hand. In addition, immediately after exiting the barrel, the bullet begins to lose speed. This means that the farther it flew away, the less impact it would have on a person (in contrast to the moment of the shot, when the bullet needs to be dispersed, overcoming its inertia, the maximum impact energy at this moment).

Even a bullet from a large caliber pistol cannot throw a person back

Thus, the momentum of a bullet strike in a person is notmay be stronger than the recoil of the gun. It turns out that in the movies people fly off after a shot only to emphasize the effect or emphasis on the gun’s large caliber. Let's discuss in our Telegram chat what you think about this.

How many calls is a detainee entitled?

In the cinema, they constantly show us that the prisonerentitled to one phone call. Is it again a deception or just an inaccuracy. There are times when a detainee will not be able to make a single call, but sometimes he can be allowed to talk as much as he needs.

A detainee can be given several calls, or they can generally isolate him from the phone.

It all depends on the decision of the investigator and the severitycommitted crime. Only they can affect the number and duration of calls. If the investigator considers that unnecessary conversations may interfere with the investigation (the detainee will warn one of the accomplices, ask to destroy evidence, etc.), he may completely prohibit communication. In this case, the police will call a lawyer themselves. It happens, and vice versa, when the crime is not very serious and the investigator is not worried about the investigation. In this case, the suspect may be entitled to more than one call.

Two-handed shooting

Remember how tough guys shoot a movie with two hands at the same time? Agree, it looks very impressive. But only in real life such a technique is very poorly applied.
Physically, there’s nothing complicated, keepanyone can use two pistols, but shooting in this case will be several times less effective. Much more bullets will fall on the target if you shoot accurately from one weapon. Shooting from two barrels is relevant only if you shoot from two machine guns and have an unlimited number of rounds. In reality, this does not happen. Therefore, if a movie villain is coming at you, it is better to use one gun.

So hits will be significantly less. Although it looks spectacular

Pulling checks with teeth

Another effective technique for brave soldiers is pulling grenade checks with their teeth. As you may have guessed, this is another myth.

The fact is that a grenade is a dangerous weapon,which during the explosion has a large radius of destruction. To prevent it from accidentally working, the check mechanism is made very dense. Just pulling it out will not work. Even if you manage to do it with your teeth, the hero after that will only eat cereals and ground fruits - he will not be able to chew.

In reality, you can only pull out a check with your hand

If you look at how to pull out a check with your hands (inincluding in the movie), it is clear that the effort is great and the elbows of the person in this case are widely spaced. This shows that it is necessary to pull strongly. It turns out that this is another technique to demonstrate the coolness of the hero. Like Dwayne Johnson, who is holding a mounted machine gun from a helicopter.

How not to drown in quicksand

Filmmakers believe (or just try to do thisconvince) that getting into quicksand in a deserted place is certain death. This is another misconception that makes people panic at a real encounter with such a phenomenon and endanger their lives.

In this film, the hero of Pierre Richard was dragged out when he nearly drowned. In life, he could get out himself

Quicksand is just sand mixed withwater and sometimes with clay. If you do not succumb to panic, the maximum risk from meeting them will be limited to soiled clothing. Even if a person is sucked underground, you should not think that this, in fact, a puddle reaches the center of the Earth. It does not always have great depth, except that, having plunged to the waist and not reaching the bottom, a person will be able to swim, pulling himself with his hands up.

Are sharks dangerous?

Some films, for example, “Jaws”, have fixed in our heads the opinion that sharks can feel a drop of blood at a distance of several miles and almost instantly be close to the victim.

A shark can feel the blood in the water, but not for tens of kilometers.

Sharks really have this feeling, but notas much as we used to think. Some researchers agree that the shark is able to feel the blood in a volume of water equal to the volume of the Olympic pool. Thus, if you cut yourself in the water and are sure that there is no shark in a radius of fifty meters, you can be calm. If there is no such confidence, it is better to blame.

Why are we being fooled?

Call the filmmakers deception a complete deceptionnot allowed. It is rather just an exaggeration aimed at making the film more spectacular. It's just that sometimes they go too far and make some scenes too cloying.

In any case, cinema is fictitiousthe world, and every time we go to the cinema, we ourselves are glad to be deceived. So let's not blame the authors much and just have fun. Just know that in real life some things are completely inapplicable.