How do bacteria control cats?

There is rarely a person who would be completelyindifferent to cats: their independence, grace and love of freedom can make anyone feel at least sympathy. It is believed that domestic cats, regardless of color, breed and physical structure, come from the so-called steppe cats (Felis silvestris lybica), which live in the mountainous and desert regions of Asia and Africa. It is not known for sure what exactly attracted one of such steppe cats to an ancient person, however, the friendship of people and cats currently goes back more than 10,000 years. Despite such a long period, scientists have only recently discovered an incredible feature of the cat family: cats live in symbiosis with special bacteria that help them in hunting and scaring off enemies.

It is from the steppe cats that all the breeds of these pets known to the world originated

How do cats communicate with each other?

Is it possible to understand the language of animals? It turns out, perhaps! In order to understand cats, even a whole science was developed - felinology. In order to express his wish (but is it true to the master?) His wish, a pet can use all the means available to him: various variations of gestures, poses and sounds. The most important participant in such interspecific communication is the tail, through the movements of which your pet can tell about its emotions. So, it is believed that the tail of an animal raised up expresses greeting or pleasure; angry, a cat or cat whips them on the sides, showing its displeasure, and in preparation for a fight with its relative, the tail is usually pressed against the body.

Meanwhile, cats, being social animals,communicate with each other in a much more complex language than when contacting a person. Sometimes, in order to express this or that emotion, these domestic animals capture a range of heights that are simply not perceived by the human ear. In addition, cats use another kind of highly original communication, communicating with bacteria.

Cats live in symbiosis with unusual bacteria

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Cats can communicate with bacteria

Before cats were domesticated by humans,these animals had to constantly protect themselves, their offspring and their territory from unexpected enemies. To make their life a little easier, evolution gave cats an unusual ability - to live in symbiosis with special bacteria that live in their anal glands. In order to indicate the inviolability of their territory, bacteria living in the body of cats, secrete a special secret, which is used by the latter as a way of communication.

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This method of interaction between two living organismsin nature is called symbiosis, in which both organisms receive certain benefits. So, in addition to a pair of cats - bacteria, in nature there are also cases of symbiosis between sharks and fish-sticks, zebras and ostriches, and even crocodiles and birds!

Some species of birds are used by crocodiles as dentists. Being in the jaws of an animal, a bird called a plover, helps the crocodile to clean off the remnants of food, not being afraid to be eaten.

In addition to cases of symbiosis between completely differentspecies of animals, a similar phenomenon occurs in the plant world. Surprisingly, the symbiosis of plants on the planet is incredibly common! The most common example, which often can be seen by residents of central Russia, is the symbiosis of birch and the mushrooms growing next to it - birch bark. In this case, the birch receives mineral salts useful for growth, which the mushroom produces, and the mushroom, in turn, can forget about the “search for food,” since the birch supplies its neighbor with all kinds of organic substances.