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How different types of tea affect the human body

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.It is believed that it was invented in China, around the 6th century BC. According to the legend, once the patron saint of agriculture and medicine, Shen Nong, boiled water, and a gust of wind blew tea tree leaves into the boiling water. Having tried this drink, the man admired its taste and effect - it turned out that it invigorates the body well. There are more than 200 types of tea tree in the world, but only camellia sinensis (Camellia sinensis) is used to make the drink. By processing its leaves in different ways, manufacturers can obtain many varieties of tea, the most popular of which are black, green, pu-erh and oolong. Let's find out how each of them is obtained and what effect they have - some of them are excellent substitutes for coffee and surprise with their taste.

Each type of tea has its own unique taste, and affects people in different ways.

As mentioned above, tea is usually made fromleaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). We present to your attention photos of a tea plantation, tea tree flowers, as well as fresh and dried tea leaves.

Tea plantation

Picking tea leaves at the plantation

tea tree flower

dried tea leaves


  • 1 Useful properties of black tea
    • 1.1 How black tea is made
    • 1.2 Black tea effect
  • 2 Useful properties of green tea
    • 2.1 How green tea is made
    • 2.2 Green tea effect
  • 3 Useful properties of pu-erh
    • 3.1 How is pu-erh tea made?
    • 3.2 Pu-erh effect
  • 4 Useful properties of oolong
    • 4.1 How oolong tea is made
    • 4.2 Oolong effect

Useful properties of black tea

Black tea is the most popular in Russia and Europe. In Asian countries, it is usually called red tea, after the color of the infusion. It has a tart, rich taste.

How black tea is made

Tea leaves are used to make black tea.bush and subject them to complete fermentation. This means that they are first dried for 12-18 hours, after which they are twisted and sent to a dark room with heating for oxidation. In the process of oxidation, the leaves darken strongly and red enzymes are formed in them.

black tea leaves

black tea effect

Black tea contains a lot of caffeine, so ithas an invigorating effect. But this "tea caffeine" is less aggressive than in coffee - the effect comes on smoothly. It is believed that the phenols contained in black tea absorb radioactive substances, due to which the body is cleansed of dirt. It is also believed that black tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves blood circulation. In 2022, it became known that black tea prolongs life.

Black tea infusion has a reddish tint

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Useful properties of green tea

Green tea is the second most popular type. It is usually drunk without sugar, especially often in the hot season, because it quenches thirst well.

How green tea is made

The process of making green teaeliminates fermentation. First, the leaves are steamed for 2 minutes, and then dried in a special machine to allow curling. Green tea leaves are light, as is the shade of the infusion.

green tea leaves

green tea effect

Like black tea, green tea contains invigorates and significantly increases productivity. It also has a high concentration of L-theanine, which, when interacting with caffeine, improves brain function. Also, green tea can slow down aging, accelerate weight loss, remove bad breath and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Green tea infusion

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Useful properties of pu-erh

Pu-erh is another popular type of tea that is highly regarded by some people. It is more expensive than black and green tea, but it has a richer taste and aroma, and also surprises with its effect.

How is pu-erh tea made?

For the manufacture of pu-erh, manufacturerstea tree leaves are processed to the level of green tea. After that, they are subjected to aging with the help of fungi Aspergillus acidus. It is believed that the older the pu-erh, the more aromatic it is, but this is a controversial statement. Pu-erh infusion has a rich dark color, and its taste and aroma are earthy, with nutty notes.

Pu-erh tea leaves - tea is usually sold in pressed form

Pu-erh effect

Pu-erh is divided into two types: shu (old, dark) and shen (young, green).

Shen pu-erh infusion is light, like green tea

Shu pu-erh helps to calm down, clears the mind andgives lightness in the body - due to this, many people increase productivity. This effect, as in other cases, is associated with the content of tea caffeine.

Shen Puer also invigorates, warms the body and improves metabolism. It is believed that it alleviates the condition after eating fatty foods.

In addition to "pancakes", pu-erh is sold in the form of "pills" - they are called tocha.

Some people think that pu-erh tea is somehowway "inserts" is a myth. It is also a myth that pu-erh is aged in the ground. Apparently, erroneous opinions have developed among people after feeling the calming effect and the presence of an earthy aroma. The unusual taste of pu-erh is associated with the activity of mold fungi.

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Useful properties of oolong

Oolong is a tea that is also highly valued bylovers. It is believed that it combines the properties of green and black tea, because it has a bright aroma like the first and a rich taste like the second.

How oolong tea is made

To get oolong tea, manufacturers dryleaves in the sun, after which they are thrown into wooden baskets. After that, the leaves are in a dark room to start fermentation at 50% or lower. Fermentation is carried out halfway so that the process affects only the edges of the leaves. Then the tea is dried in special ovens and rolled into a round shape.

Oolong leaves

Milk oolong is very popular - to give tea a recognizable flavor, most manufacturers use flavors. This type of oolong was invented only in 1980.

Sometimes pieces of fruit are added to oolong, this makes the taste more varied.

Oolong effect

In effect, oolong is similar to green tea and shen.puer. It is believed that it gives a positive attitude, so it is recommended for morning tea drinking. It is believed that oolong contains 400 types of substances beneficial to human health. Among them are invigorating caffeine, dozens of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine.

The price of oolong, like pu-erh, is higher than that of black and green tea.

As you can understand, any tea invigorates and warms. Of all the types listed above, shu pu-erh has the most noticeable effect - it is not without reason that this is the favorite tea of ​​many people.

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There are many other types of tea, butthe four listed are the most popular. Some types of tea are unhealthy. Especially among them, yerba mate can be distinguished - it destroys the body more than cigarettes.