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How can worms start in a person’s eyes?

Today, scientists know tens of thousandsdiseases, some of which are extremely rare. We talk about some of them from time to time - for example, in September we wrote about a woman whose blood turned dark blue due to some changes in the body. We found that this disease is so dangerous, but in the world there are more terrible and even vile diseases. Did you know that worms longer than one centimeter long can start and multiply in the eyes of a person? You can catch the larvae while walking in nature.

Worms can really wake up in human eyes

According to Clinical Infectious Diseases, the causeparasites of the species Thelazia gulosa are considered a rare infection, the carriers of which are tiny flies. Cases of infection with this unpleasant disease are so rare that they have been documented only twice in the entire history of mankind. Only the fact that both cases were recorded within the last five years is very alarming. Perhaps in the future there will be even more infections.

What causes worms in my eyes?

One of the last cases of parasite infectionThelazia gulosa was shared by researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They told the story of a 68-year-old woman from the US state of Nebraska who spent the winter several times in the settlement of Carmel Valley in warm California. Every day she took time for a morning run and everything was fine until one morning she turned a corner on a steep path and ran into a swarm of tiny flies.

Thelazia gulosa worms

A month after an unpleasant collisionthe woman began to feel irritation in her right eye and, washing her under the pressure of water, she pulled out a transparent worm about 1.25 centimeters long. Having examined her eye, she was able to find and extract the second worm. It became clear that without a visit to the ophthalmologist it is impossible to solve this problem.

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The doctor pulled another foreign body out of his eye andprescribed her an antibiotic against bacterial infections. Returning home, the woman fell ill with conjunctivitis and only after another examination she got rid of the fourth worm in a row. The story sounds extremely scary and unpleasant, but in fact the woman still got off easily. The fact is that in the first recorded case of infection in a 26-year-old patient, as many as 14 worms were found.

Other worms may start in the eyes. For example, once doctors managed to extract from the man’s eye a 15-centimeter Nitchatka Bancroft

Perhaps Worms in Historymuch more, but only a couple of them are known to doctors. There can be many reasons for getting worms, but in the case of a woman, they are tiny flies that transmit the infection to cattle. Thelazia gulosa infection was previously seen in some states of the USA, as well as in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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At the moment, scientists are interested in the fact thatcaused an increase in the frequency of parasite infections in humans. There is a small risk that there will soon be more cases of the disease. But worms in the eyes can cause not only conjunctivitis, but also lead to blindness. Only the fact that with timely treatment, you can get rid of worms is slightly calming.