How can workwear harm your health?

Millions of people go to hospitals every daywith a wide variety of complaints. Most of the reasons for going to the doctor are associated with common diseases like the common cold, but sometimes patients come with very unusual complaints. For example, a 40-year-old man recently came to one of the Australian hospitals with a rash on his back, which formed directly under the reflective tape applied to his work clothes. But is it really that the fabric that protects people from collisions with cars during night shifts can cause allergies?

Work clothes can be dangerous.

Perhaps some people have a reflectivethe tissue may indeed be allergic, but not in this case. Seeing the patient who arrived at the reception, the doctors immediately realized that the cause of the rash was a severe burn. It turned out that the man wore overalls with a reflective tape on a sunny day and she warmed to such an extent that it burned his back. And this despite the fact that workwear manufacturers do not warn about the possibility of burns. However, they may simply not know about it.

Reflective tape can burn skin

What is reflective tape made of?

Light-reflecting fabric is widely used insewing clothes for road workers, who during the night shift risk getting under the car due to poor visibility. This tape consists of fabric and tiny balls of glass that receive light from cars traveling on the road and reflect them no matter what angle the person is at the machine. Reflective tapes are also used by cyclists and just people who often have to walk near roads.

Reflective fabric used even in fashionable clothing.

Danger of clothing with reflective tape

The experience of the Australian worker showed thatDespite the absence of a ban on wearing workwear in the daytime, it is better not to wear it on sunny days. Otherwise, the fabric may attract too much light and become so hot that severe burns will appear on the wearer's body. The Australian man, by the way, was very lucky - after several days of treatment, he fully recovered. Only, it seems to me, all these days he had to sleep on his stomach, because a burn on his back would hardly let him sleep in a different position.

Interesting stories also occur in the USA - a girl with blue blood was recently found there.

Maybe it's time for workwear manufacturerswarn people about the dangers of wearing reflective clothing due to the risk of burns. Or they need to review the structure of the tapes themselves and eliminate the possibility of excessive heating. In addition, they may well find a place on clothes where sunlight does not get.

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