How astronauts will treat burns and fractures, being far from the Earth?

We are designed so that our internal organs canwork normally only on Earth, where gravity is constantly pulling us down. During a flight on a spacecraft, a person immediately begins to feel differently - dizziness and nausea occur, and subsequently his muscles and bones weaken. To preserve their health, astronauts are forced to do exercises for at least two hours a day. At the moment, in space, they have not yet received serious injuries, but what will they do if they get severe burns and fractures during a flight to Mars?

When getting a strong burn a person needsurgent skin graft - it is usually taken from a healthy part of the body and sutured to the affected part. Carrying out such a serious operation in space conditions is still impossible, because even the International Space Station does not have the necessary conditions and tools.

What are astronauts sick of?

Under zero gravity, astronauts may sufferfrom headaches, nausea, allergies and sprains. All that they have for the treatment of diseases is a first aid kit filled with ordinary medicines. As a rule, most ailments can be cured by what they have, but the crew of the International Space Station cannot cope with heart attacks on its own.

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In the event of such serious situationsthe diseased astronaut is sent back to Earth. There have not been such incidents in the history of cosmonautics yet, but if this really happens, the astronaut’s return journey will cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and during such a trip he most likely will simply not survive.

First Space Station First Aid Kit

How to treat burns and fractures in space?

At the moment, miracle cure forthere are no serious injuries, but researchers from Dresden Technical University are confident that in the future astronauts will be able to be treated with the help of 3D printers. So, for the treatment of severe burns, astronauts will be able to print artificial skin fragments, and replace the affected areas of the body. For the treatment of complex fractures, it will be possible to use printed fragments and replace them with broken ones during the operation.

Printed bones on a 3D printer

Artificial leather will be created from samplesblood, and bones - from stem cells, from which you can make almost any tissue and organs. It will be possible to apply the obtained mixtures even in zero gravity conditions - they will be firmly fixed on the affected areas.

Printed on a 3D printer leather

Scientists have checked this by turning the printer upkicking and trying to print a fragment of human tissue — he really held tight to the bottom of the surface. Material for printing did not spread due to the special composition, which includes substances contained in the algae. The plants, by the way, will be used by astronauts not only for making materials, but also to be eaten.

By creating material for a 3D printer that you canto use in zero gravity, scientists have taken the first step to the possibility of surgical operations in spacecraft. Within the framework of this project, it is also planned to develop surgical rooms with sterile conditions and all necessary equipment for carrying out operations.

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