How are you doing in the rocking chair? Plastic surgeons have learned to pack fat on the belly in press cubes

It's no secret that pull your carcass inthe hall is sometimes more difficult than the training itself - but now it is not necessary if you have money and are not afraid to lie under the knife. Scientists from the Leonard Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami have developed a new plastic surgery technique - abdominal etching - which can change the shape of the abdomen so that it looks like you spend all your time in the gym.

As described in detail in the study,published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, abdominal etching involves a more pointed approach to mechanical liposuction, in which a vibrating tube connected to an aspirator removes the subcutaneous fat deposits by sucking it. A plastic surgeon uses these same tools to create press cubes from several layers of abdominal fat, emphasizing the natural lines of the abdominal muscles — usually six men and three vertical lines for women. Depending on the preferences of the patient, you can “cut out” softer abdominal muscles or more chiseled ones.

How to pump up the press using plastic surgery

But if you have never been in your life andyou have no idea how to do even squats, this procedure will not turn you into fiton overnight. The study included only 50 patients (26 men and 24 women aged 26 years), who were already in excellent shape, thanks to healthy nutrition and regular exercise, but struggled with getting rid of unwanted fat on the abdomen.

As with most plastic proceduressurgery, there are specific recommendations that must be followed with such abdominal etching. Within a few weeks will have to wear bandages, as well as to visit the doctor. Even more important is the continuation of a healthy lifestyle and sports. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to leave the hospital and lie on the sofa for half a year, expecting you to remain Adonis.

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