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How a dog in a car affects driving style

One of the underestimated problems on the the problem of traffic accidents (traffic accidents). Every day, millions of people get in their cars and wind billions of kilometers around the globe. Have you ever wondered how many people die every day in an accident? The abundance of cameras on the roads drive drivers into the framework of the high-speed mode, and this gives a positive trend, reducing road accidents. But it turns out there is a nicer way reduce rage on the roads. SEAT conducted a study that examined whether availability dogs in the car for a driving style.

We will not talk about such a cardinal case

Why dogs? There are several factors. First, dogs travel with their owners much more often than other pets. Secondly, a dog is not just a pet, it is a friend.

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The SEAT study involved allages. According to the company, more than half of drivers admit that they drive more carefully when traveling with their pets. And the matter is not only in high-speed mode, the main reason is the “cheating" of minor flaws on the road thanks to four-legged friends. In fact, the dog in the car becomes an anti-stress. Most interestingly, young people discipline dogs best of all - 69 out of 100 drivers aged 18 to 24 years.

But dogs don’t affect the elderly -only 42 out of 100 people over the age of 55 admitted that they were more careful when driving with a pet. But this is not the story when gray hair is in a beard - a demon in the ribs, just the older generation is in no hurry from the beginning and a priori more restrained. But the fact that the dynamics is striving for half of the drivers is pleasing to SEAT. By the way, the results of the survey were significantly influenced by the environment. About 70% of respondents lived in cities.

Why do dogs influence people so?

The roots of the relationship between humans and dogs go back centuries, and you can list countless examples in history. Probably the easiest way to explain with an example canistherapy.

The best medicine in the world

Canistherapy - A type of therapy with animals, a method of treatment and rehabilitation using specially selected and trained dogs. Canistherapy is used in medical and social rehabilitation

There are people in the world who are a little different.we. It is more difficult for them to adapt, especially at a young age. And in the 50s of the 20th century, animal therapy was invented. She uses other animals, such as horses. Horseback riding requires balance and sitting, which helps in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. But keeping the same horses is expensive, so I had to look for alternative ways, and they chose dogs. Dogs do not look at your flaws; love and your attitude are important to them. It is not surprising that in such relationships, drivers are less reckless.

Why this study? To some extent, it is just informative, but its roots are quite serious. According to statistics for 2019, 16.9 thousand people died on the roads of Russia, and about 210.8 thousand people were injured. If divided by 365 days, then on average 46 people die per day and 578 people get to the hospital. This is a good reason to think about measures to reduce such dynamics.

On the one hand, the SEAT study could be concluded with the conclusion that if you drive a dog with a car, you will most likely drive more accurate, than usual; but any research is primarily data and food for thought. It turns out that if a dog is riding next to you, then you are more conscious, and the more conscious you are, the better you drive.

Antistress in action!

In my opinion, the SEAT study is a way to improve the situation without harsh measures, one of the possible options for reducing the level of accidents without using a whip. Indeed, now the principle is simple: violated - will pay. And it disciplines someone, but someone is looking forway to get around the fine. And if you try differently? For example, for the absence of fines, incidents on the road and speeding create benefits for conscious behavior. Then a person will not try to hide, but on the contrary will abide by the rules on the public, so that in a certain age he will receive not by cap, but "Premium" for good driving.

I wonder what you think is more effective.Do you personally: stick or carrot? If for conscious driving you, for example, were given a significant discount on paid parking lots, reduced transport taxes, would this be an incentive for you to drive your car carefully and break less? Share your thoughts in the comments or in our telegram chat.