Hoverpen - a pen that can levitate (9 photos + video)

Metal handle Hoverpen can hang inair over a special stand. They implemented magnetic levitation not at the expense of electromagnets, but using magnetic components placed in the stand. This explains the quirkiness of its form. The pen itself is made of magnetic metals.

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It is difficult to challenge the fascinating effect of levitation. Goods based on levitation and magnets are well-deserved on Kickstarter. The Story watch, supplemented by a ball levitating arrow, collected about 700 thousand dollars, the Mag-Lev turntable turned out to be more than 500 thousand dollars, and the floating bonsai and the Flyte bulb over 800 and 600 thousand dollars, respectively. Attention attract any levitating objects, because you can watch them for a very long time.

Hoverpen can sway, rotate andmove in a magnetic field. The cores with which the pen is equipped are made by several large companies and are sold in most stationery stores. The handle is completed with one core inside and one for a stock.

For those who do not have enough levitation, the authorsnew items provided a magnetic cap. It fits with a click to both the pen and its stand. The developers presented several types of pens: aluminum (4 models) and titanium (2 models). Aluminum options are available in several colors, titanium - matte and glossy.

The authors of the novelty noted that their pens are processed at the factory, where the components for Apple equipment are. Now aluminum versions of the novelty can be bought for $ 65, Hoverpen from titanium is available for $ 99.