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Household chemicals can cause aggressive forms of cancer

Every day a person uses various meanshousehold chemicals, which greatly facilitate everyday chores, from washing dishes to the use of certain types of medicines. Scientists suggest that an aggressive form of cancer can be caused by conventional household appliances. In order to test this theory, experts conducted a series of studies that can help develop new methods for treating breast cancer, which is considered the most aggressive type of oncology among other types of this dangerous disease.

Breast Cancer May Be Caused By Some Household Chemicals

Why does breast cancer occur?

Breast cancer is considered one of the mostcommon diseases on the planet that can be successfully cured with early diagnosis. However, the differences between these or other types of breast cancer can be very significant, especially when comparing the aggressiveness of the Triple negative subtype. Three times negative breast cancer (TNBC) got its name due to the lack of response to stimulation with estrogen, progesterone or HER2 protein, which, incidentally, affects its resistance to treatment with hormonal drugs.

In this regard, the only existingthe therapeutic option in the treatment of TNBC is chemotherapy, which has very limited effectiveness. According to the portal, in order to uncover risk factors and discover potentially new methods of treatment for TNBC, scientists from the UK studied the so-called nuclear receptors, which are a kind of environmental sensors that help control breast tissue that are activated by hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. It is believed that these receptors can be activated by chemicals around us, which, in turn, can change their work when breast cancer occurs.

The chemicals around us may be potential triggers for breast cancer

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By examining breast tissue samples,researchers found that many of the nuclear receptors can behave differently, depending on the type of breast cancer. So, thanks to the creation of a computer model, the researchers were able to determine that some types of household detergents, antiseptics, and drugs are indeed capable of activating nuclear receptors that provoke the occurrence of a female disease. Despite the fact that detergents themselves are relatively safe and do not cause much harm to human health, household chemicals can settle on dishes and other surfaces, subsequently entering the human body. Accumulating in the human body, household chemicals damage the body’s immune system, causing allergies, gastritis, ulcers and cancer.

Of course, the data of the experiments are allstill need to be tested and carried out an even deeper series of studies, but experts are convinced that the existing results will help in creating new methods of treatment of aggressive forms of breast cancer.

Refuse household chemicals, according to scientists,not worth it. First of all, they recommend thinking about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in general, which is the best preventive measure to maintain and strengthen your own health.