HotDive turns your smartphone into a versatile underwater kit (2 photos + video)

For lovers of extreme underwater recreationthe new HotDive, an underwater camera and dive computer, is now available. The HotDive device brought to the crowdfunding platform attracted the attention of investors - 40 days before the completion of the fundraising project, the startup already received an amount three times more than is required to start production.

HotDive housing made of aluminumalloy and transparent polycarbonate with a thickness of 6 mm, capable of withstanding immersion up to 80 meters. The device can be used with any smartphones, the dimensions of which do not exceed 164 x 84 mm. The built-in pumping system creates a vacuum in the chamber before starting work, which eliminates the problem of fogging of the HotDive polycarbonate window.

To improve the quality of shooting at depth, whenLow light, HotDive features an LED luminaire with a color temperature of 5800 to 6500 Kelvin, which is as close as possible to the color temperature of sunlight. In this case, the power of the underwater searchlight is 800 lumens.

Depth sensor Swiss TE MS5083, built-inan electronic compass and microprocessor turn HotDive into a dive computer for the safety of the diver. Information from these three elements is transmitted via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android app on a smartphone, allowing the owner to track dive depth, check swim course, and calculate and control time to ascent.

The user can independentlyprogram audible or tactile signals to warn of reaching maximum dive depth, the need to end the trip, and ascent too quickly. All data is recorded in the electronic log of the application.

Device management and work with the application onthe smartphone is carried out using the buttons on the right side of the rear panel of HotDive. Communication with a smartphone is carried out wirelessly. A separate wireless shutter switch is used when taking underwater photography or video recording. The smartphone camera "sees" the world around it through a transparent panel on the HotDive front surface with illumination from a built-in spotlight.

Autonomous operation of HotDive is provideda separate rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh, which allows underwater shooting for 100 minutes with the lights on or from 15 to 20 days with the projector turned off.

You can pre-order HotDive for $ 179 now on Kickstarter. The underwater imaging device will begin shipping to consumers in January 2021.

Source: kickstarter