HomePod will learn gestures and begin to recognize faces (2 photos)

Every day household appliances surroundinghuman, improved, acquiring new, sometimes even extravagant skills. Apple has filed a patent application for an acoustic device that recognizes gestures, as well as supporting Face ID and voice control.

Formally, there is no reference to the HomePod in the patent, howeverMentioned "desktop speaker", equipped with cameras and sensors for the recognition of "three-dimensional gestures." In the described device there is no monitor, and control is exercised through the touch panel by recognizing the user's movements and claps. The presence of special LEDs provides feedback between the host and the gadget.

Most likely, the new devices will beused by Israeli PrimeSense technology that underlies the popular Microsoft Kinect motion sensor. PrimeSense was acquired by Apple back in 2013, and its technologies formed the basis of TrueDepth camera systems for iPhone X. The new Apple patent provides for integration into the column of face recognition technology, as well as determining the distance to the user. Thus, the device will be able to control specific users, "familiar" column. Multi-host recognition is also available. The release time is not specified yet.