Home cleaning assistant TCL Sweeva 1000

As you know, laziness is the engine of progress, butTo call a robot vacuum cleaner a gadget for the lazy would not be correct. But it definitely improves the quality of life, helping to win and reallocate time to more interesting and useful activities. TCL was not a pioneer in the creation of these gadgets, however, due to quality and cost, it has every chance of capturing the market. Today we have an excellent and inexpensive Sweeva 1000 robot vacuum cleaner on review.

Robot vacuum cleaners began their massspread almost 20 years ago, but much has changed in that time. They have become more compact and powerful, they have learned how to clean floors, they have acquired a huge number of sensors, they can be controlled from a smartphone from anywhere in the world, they have learned how to get up for charging themselves and even clean the garbage container.

Unfortunately, our today's copy does not know how to do everything from this list, but it's definitely not worth getting upset here, because. far from all options may be necessary and is it worth overpaying for them?

It looks like the manufacturer watched the videos and readfeedback on the delivery of Russian mail and decided to play it safe (with a large margin). The vacuum cleaner is packed even better than laptops - a dense box with a large number of damping ribs and a two-centimeter layer of polyethylene foam.

The kit comes with instructions in Russianlanguage, a charging station with a power supply, a remote control with a set of batteries, 4 brushes - two main and two spare ones, a roller brush with a tool for cleaning it, a dust collector and two sets of HEPA filters.

The white version flaunts on the box and it looks likevery nice, and inside our kit was an all black Sweeva 1000 model B100A. Available in 2 colors - black and white-black. White, probably, could be more practical, but black is unlikely to have time to collect a noticeable amount of dust on itself. You do not need to take it in your hands often - only to clean the container and the main roller brush. In addition, gloss is used to a minimum. Therefore, the choice of color is a purely aesthetic issue.

Outwardly, it has a similar shape to any otherrobotic vacuum cleaner. It is probably already impossible to invent something new in this direction, and is it necessary? The dimensions of the robot are 32.5 cm in diameter and only 7 centimeters in height, which makes it easy to clean under furniture. Weight with an empty container is just under two kilograms.

On the bottom are two side and onecoarse-haired roller brush, waste container, two side wheels with rubber tread, control wheel, contacts for connection to the charging station and height sensors to prevent falls.
On the front there is a shockproof bumper and a set of sensors for object recognition. On the sides are wall sensors.

On the top there is a power button associated with the device status indicator:
- blue color - the vacuum cleaner is charged
- red color - error warning
- orange color - the vacuum cleaner is discharged
– flashing orange – the vacuum cleaner is charging

The button can turn the vacuum cleaner on or off, pause the operation (pause mode) and give a command to return to the charging station - to do this, hold the button for 3-4 seconds.

The charging station is made of matte blackplastic with a glossy insert at the location of the sensors. Because Since our robot vacuum cleaner cannot automatically empty the trash can, the charging station has a minimalistic design. It can hardly be called a minus. Firstly, such an option would add at least 10,000 rubles to the cost of the device, and secondly, the capacity of the built-in vacuum cleaner container is 600 ml, which is considered a large volume. You don't have to clean this container very often. But you will have to clean the roller brush from hair equally often on any robot vacuum cleaner.

It is better to locate the station in the immediateclose to an outlet so that there are no wires on the floor. The instructions recommend such an arrangement that there is a free space of 1 meter on the sides of the charging station, and 2 meters in front and no mirrors. It is extremely difficult to comply with such a requirement. He left the “Royal Place” for himself, and allocated a place for the robot in the corner. Haven't noticed any problems with it.

Full charge time is approximately 3-4 hours, after which it will wait for the command to start cleaning or a pre-set schedule.

The remote control is so simple that both the elderly and children can easily get used to it.

You can start cleaning by pressing the power button,located on the robot itself, or use the remote control. Using the remote control, you can program the operating time - for example, during hours of absence from home, select suction power and cleaning modes, as well as switch to manual control using the joystick.

There are three suction power options available –silent, standard and turbo, and you can switch them manually, or entrust this function to a robot that will select the optimal mode, depending on the type of flooring. Here I would immediately like to add that all this will ultimately affect the battery life. In automatic mode, the vacuum cleaner operates for approximately 2 hours. If maximum suction is selected, the time will be reduced. In addition to changing the noise, I did not notice any tangible difference between the suction modes and decided to stop at automatic adjustment.

Button A, like the power button onrobot vacuum cleaner activates automatic mode. The robot begins to build a map of the room, and then conducts a thorough cleaning. I do not undertake to approve, but the left card, apparently, is stored in memory, tk. subsequent cleanings become more confident and accurate, although the price category of this robot vacuum does not imply the possession of such options. Sweeva 1000 does not support smartphone control in the proprietary TCL Home App, in which one could make sure that the area map is memorized. This option would definitely not be superfluous and would allow you to start and control cleaning while at this time at work or even on vacation on the other side of the planet.

The noise level in automatic mode is55 dB, which is comparable to calm conversational speech. At night it is very noticeable, but during the day you do not even pay attention. The vacuum cleaner fits perfectly into the sanitary standards for the permissible noise level in residential premises, which are set at 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night.

Also on the remote control are available modes of cleaning alongwalls and spot cleaning. With the help of side wall sensors, the robot perfectly keeps the perimeter of the room. Two side brushes collect and direct all debris to the main roller brush. This mode proved to be very useful for cleaning the kitchen and along the baseboards. I would recommend using it in addition to the automatic mode.

Spot cleaning will be useful for pet owners or simply in places of heavy pollution, such as a rug in the hallway.
Available and manual control using the "joystick". The vacuum cleaner becomes like a radio-controlled toy. This mode is available only during cleaning. Do not activate while charging.

Roller brush can be easily removed for cleaningwool and hair. For the correct operation of the vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to clean the brush 1-2 times a week, depending on the presence of pets or the degree of its contamination.

During cleaning, the vacuum cleaner may not the first timecollect everything. There are single elements of (specially scattered) garbage in the form of cereals. After the second or third pass, there is nothing to complain about. Handles even large debris. In terms of maintaining cleanliness, this is really an indispensable assistant.

Suction power of the Sweeva 1000 vacuum cleaneris 1500 Pa, which is the average. There are robots with more powerful motors, but the price tag there grows five times. To maintain traction, it is recommended not to wait until the garbage tray is completely full, but to clean it in advance. Washing it is not difficult. Once a month or as it becomes clogged, it is recommended to wash the HEPA filter in warm water. The main thing is to dry everything thoroughly.

The kit comes with a spare HEPA filter, and the replacement period is recommended at least 6 months. The filter is able to trap fine dust and allergens.

As already mentioned - TCL Sweeva robot vacuum cleaner1000 has a height of only 7 cm, which allows it to clean in hard-to-reach places under furniture. Obstacles are not a problem for him either - he drives onto carpets, easily overcomes thresholds and moves between rooms. The maximum obstacle height is 2 cm. During several experimental cleaning runs, there was a case when the robot was cleaning only in one room, ignoring the opportunity to go to the next room. With what it was connected - it is not clear. At the next start, having cleaned the room, quite calmly drove into the corridor, and then into the second room. In general, he showed himself as a respectable cleaner, without any serious complaints.

– lack of smartphone control
- working hours

– compact
- easy to manage
- battery life
– return to base and automatic recharging
– easy cleaning of the dust collector

As already noted - the time of work is at the same timeboth plus and minus. The battery is very good and allows the robot to vacuum for about 2 hours, after which it reduces power and goes to look for a charging station. The downside is that he will be cleaning for all these 2 hours, even if the room has been crystal clear for a long time. TCL Sweeva 1000 available from online and retail stores DNS. What is definitely missing is the opportunitycontrol and monitoring via smartphone. If there is no desire to put up with this, then it is better to look at the TCL Sweeva 2000 model, but the price will be 4-5 thousand rubles higher. Otherwise, it turned out to be a good and, given the noise level, an almost inconspicuous assistant that both children and elderly relatives can easily handle.