Home brewery based on Raspberry Pi mini-computer (3 photos)

Using Raspberry Mini PCsPi in a very unexpected industry was proposed by a Reddit user with the nickname Warshi7819. A compact computer has become the basis for a home brewery, and serves as a technologist who controls the technological processes of creating a foamy drink.

For Warshi7819 this is not the first experience witha single-board Raspberry Pi computer, and for his brewery, the inventor purchased the Raspberry Pi 3 B + model, equipped with a Broadcom 4 × 1400 MHz processor with 1 GB of RAM.

To control the process of making beer at homeconditions to the Raspberry Pi 3 B +, two waterproof sensors are placed inside the 60-liter containers. The computer controls the operation of heating elements with a total power of 3.2 kW, which allows you to create ideal conditions for the preparation of beer.

Especially for the home brewery Warshi7819created a Python user script and user interface. According to the inventor, it was the program with 2500 lines of code that became the most time-consuming project process. However, now the owner of the brewery will be able to control the various stages of creating beer, introducing specific parameters of the recipe. In the near future, Warshi7819 plans to introduce a recipe-sharing feature and add the ability to control the brewery remotely via WiFi.

Source: tomshardware