HoloLens 2 for the US Army showed in action (9 photos)

High technology actively penetrate the battlefield. Recently, Microsoft has announced augmented reality glasses HoloLens 2, possessing the highest functional properties in the world. At the same time, the high cost and the most advanced technologies indicate that the novelty is not a mass product for the consumer market. The gadget will be used to solve specific highly specialized tasks. In particular, the US Department of Defense drew attention to technology.

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Microsoft has contracted with the military ondevelopment of a special version of the headset in the amount of 100 thousand sets. The contract amount is 480 million dollars. The military call their special version HoloLens 2 "IVAS", which means "Integrated Visual Zoom System".

Special headset with augmented realityuses technology that puts digital objects, such as maps or video, on top of the real world in front of the user. To some extent, the device resembles gadgets. For the needs of the army, the developers added a thermal imager to the device, a night vision device and created a special interface.

Complex HoloLens 2 "IVAS" can be usedas in a combat situation, and for training and training in combat coordination of the detachment. The instructor receives information about the health of recruits, and can also use the mode of viewing the area "through the eyes of the owner."

The system is still being finalized.HoloLens 2 "IVAS" to create a miniature version, the value of which will not differ in size from the traditional goggles. The first working prototypes promise to start shipping in six months. Fully program will earn by 2028.