Hollywood will use drones to shoot movies

Today, drones are no longer somethingunusual, but they are still illegal to use by companies. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provided the ability to use drones in film production for six Hollywood studios.

The following film companies received permission to use UAVs:

  • Astraeus Aerial;
  • Aerial MOB, LLC;
  • HeliVideo Productions, LLC;
  • Pictorvision Inc;
  • RC Pro Productions Consulting, LLC dba Vortex Aerial;
  • Snaproll Media, LLC.

The flying cam was close to becomingseventh, however, the FAA wants more information from the studio before it gets the desired approval. This step is significant progress for the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The reason why Hollywood seeks to getDrones for its use, is the ability to capture frames from unique angles without the need for a full-size helicopter. Prior to this, the FAA gave only one permission for commercial use for aerial photography in Alaska.

All drone operators must have personalpilot certificates, as well as drones, should only be raised within line of sight and subject to verification before each use. Night flights are not allowed. The agency will develop further rules and requirements, according to which permits will be issued, Gizmag reports.

“The use of drones will not pose a threat to other aircraft or to people or their property on the ground,” says FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

Progress in the use of unmanned aerial vehiclesof devices is important not only for Hollywood, but also for many companies from other industries that have similar ambitions. For example, Amazon and Google are two world-famous companies that are developing the idea of ​​delivering cargo using drones.

According to the FAA, another 40 applications for the use of drones for commercial purposes are currently under consideration.