Holiday for the ears: unusual speakers for the computer (part 2)

We have previously written about various interesting and unusual columns, but the topic turned out to be much more extensive than originally thought.

We continue the material in which we will tell you about even more interesting models.

So, there are speakers that fit perfectly into the interior, or even become their main element. In this material, we collected the most unusual speakers from around the world.

The AWR-650-SM column, which is fundamentally differentits unusualness, as close as possible in shape to the stone. This is suitable for the garden for parties, and for the house, if you have a minimalist interior.
The columns themselves are similar in structure and appearance to stones. They can even be left outside, as they are waterproof on their own.

Tumbler column
This column is very similar to the toy that wasmost of us in childhood. The PAAVA portable speaker system is designed specifically for people who want to listen to music anywhere. Due to its structure, the device can balance on any surface.
Buttons are located at the top of the column, but the speaker itself is at the bottom.

Remember the old beatboxes that were often shownus in films about the poorest African-American ghettos? This variant, vifa Copenhagen 2.0, seems to be the "little brother" of the old beatboxes. Just imagine how it can be piled on the shoulder of tough guys.

Inside, in essence, a whole audio monster: mid-range drivers, tweeters and bass drivers, which are also amplified by neodymium magnet drivers.

We have already written about the transparent tube of the gramophone andAcrylic audio system This is the desktop version. In the center, a flashy red, transparent speaker on the sides looks quite futuristic. By the way, you can choose the right color.
Witalogy speaker promises powerful soundthanks to 15W full-range speakers on the sides and a 30W woofer in the middle. In addition, LEDs are inserted into the device, which illuminate the device in low light conditions.

tree column
And this option is suitable for those who want to be closer to nature. JVC Sound Garden modular speakers are made of eco-plastic and can be connected together if you need a more powerful sound.
At the top of each such module there is a pot in which you can plant a real plant, not a plastic craft.