Hole everything!

Vivo has become one of the most activepopularizing a teardrop-shaped screen design for a selfie camera, but it's time to move on. Judging by the nature of the patent application discovered, Vivo has already figured out in which direction.

One front camera is not interesting anymore,there was already an ellipsoidal cutout for a double - now let there be a lot of holes in the screen. Two is boring, you give four at once. And how many accommodation options appear right there ...

Personally, I especially liked the one where the holeslocated in all four corners, like holes for nails. How it will be necessary to hold the smartphone so that not a single palm can be closed with its palm is unclear, but these are trifles for which designers are not exchanged. They think there strategically.

Or just boredom toil.

Images from the movie "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson"


Tatyana Kobelskaya