High technology will help you lose weight without surgeries and excessive efforts

The use of an implant can provide higheffectiveness in losing weight without the need for a difficult and dangerous operation associated with a surgical reduction in the volume of the stomach. A technology created at the Texas A&M University, based on the use of a 1 cm long implant inserted into the patient's stomach, will help reduce the risks of losing excess weight.

The idea of ​​technology is based on the deception of the nervoushuman systems and the creation of a false sense of satiety by broadcasting signals to the implant implanted in the stomach. The design of the device is similar to a microscopic oar, at the ends of which LEDs are installed and spiral antennas that receive an external signal. The device also has a chip that regulates the operation of the device.

The device is powered bydue to the energy of radio waves entering the antennas, igniting microscopic LEDs. During the operation, the implant is placed close to the vagus nerve. As a result of the activation of the LEDs, a false signal is sent to the nerve, which creates the illusion of satiety in the patient. The patient's body does not require additional food, the consumption of excess calories decreases and the person loses excess weight without much effort and serious operations.