High technology news: try a test tube burger?

It's only been seven days since our lastmeetings, but in the world of high technology the calm does not come for a minute! While we were discussing Ilona Mask here, Australia had a space agency, and Burger King offers to try synthetic meat burgers. We were intrigued by ourselves, so let's go!

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one. Australian Space Agency (ASA, yes,there is such a thing) wants to use the country's experience in mining in hard-to-reach and difficult areas (this is Australia, after all) in preparing a new program that will allow extracting water and other useful resources on ... the Moon. First of all, we are talking about the use of autonomous drilling of wells on the natural satellite of the Earth.

Water is very important. It is necessary to maintain the life and functioning of the lunar colonies, the construction of which is also planned in the near future. It is needed for the production of rocket-fuel, which will be used for further missions.

But here's the ASA's state budget for fournext year is only 41 million dollars. For comparison, the annual budget of the US Aerospace Agency NASA is about $ 20 billion. If only Bruce Willis will be tempted to drill wells for free!

2 Scientists have few possible skynets - so the Boston Dynamics robots will get 3D vision.

The company bought Kinema Systems, whichuses machine learning technology to give robots three-dimensional vision, which is necessary to determine the location and movement of various objects. With this purchase, Boston Dynamics now has the software necessary for their robots to finally become practical and effective outside the company's laboratory, which means that soon they can be seen, for example, in various warehouses where movement is required. various objects of different dimensions.

By the way, verification of the technology of three-dimensional machine vision Pick System was implemented in the new version of the robot Handle. In it, a couple of cars very deftly moved the boxes from the pallet to the conveyor.

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3 In the meantime, hackers do not stop - they took and hacked the Tesla autopilot using non-standard methods.

In the first experiment, hackers demonstratedThat car wipers can be activated from the outside, using a specially created image on the big screen TV. The second attempt to deceive the autopilot was carried out with the help of labels attached to the road, which are able to confuse the system. Having drawn an extra point on the marked road, hackers really changed the direction of the car - it moved into the oncoming lane.

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According to company representatives, the ownersTesla cars are required to be ready to take the wheel even during the included autopilot. Therefore, if hackers succeed in deceiving the car with the help of a marking, the driver will be able to return to the right direction or slow down. Tell it to fans to transfer to the backseat, while Tesla takes them to work!

four. Even the very word "popper" causes manyappetite. But what if instead of the usual meat in a chop will be synthetic? In the American fast foods Burger King, you can now find a version of the flagship "meatless" popper: with a vegetable-based patty that looks and tastes identical to real beef.

Despite the fact that “Impossible svapper”contains 15 percent less fat and 90 percent less cholesterol, neither customers nor employees will notice the difference. A meatless hamburger will cost about one dollar (63 rubles) more expensive than the beef version. However, it will still be accompanied by a mayonnaise-based sauce, so vegans are hardly suitable.

For its preparation using the usuala recipe that is used to create other hamburgers: the vegetable base uses heme derived from soybean roots - only the cutlet is shaped, typical of all Burger King cutlets.

Perhaps in the future we will completely get rid of the need to slaughter billions of carcasses annually, switching to identical vegetable analogues of "meat".

Are you ready to abandon the usual cheeseburgers in favor of burgers with meat from "probiks"? You can write your opinion in the comments, or discuss in detail the topics in our Telegram-chat.