High technology news: the world's first heart printed on a 3D printer

Over the past few days, Ilon Musk is a jokeraged - he took and planted for the first time all three steps of the Falcon Heavy. But this is not as interesting as the fact that scientists were able to resurrect the brain four hours after death! How? Now tell about it, well, more about a couple of news.

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one. First of all, Mask really didn't goso smooth. SpaceX has taken and lost the successfully landed main stage of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The stage landed on a robotic barge in the Atlantic Ocean, but could not be saved. With a wave height of 2.5-3 meters, the accelerator began to shift from a floating platform and, having failed to withstand, collapsed into the ocean.

In general, for such cases there is a bargespecial robot Octagrabber, which should stably fix the accelerator after landing. But since the main stage of the Falcon Heavy is a modification of the Falcon 9 and is connected to two side accelerators, its configuration is somewhat different from the stage of the usual Falcon 9, so the robot could not fix it on the barge.

This summer, SpaceX is scheduled to launch another Falcon Heavy. It will use a completely new main stage.

2 Presented the world's first printed hearton a 3D printer made from human fabrics! So, at least, scientists from Tel-Aviv University claim - for printing a small heart they used only human tissues that would not be rejected by the body. The structure of an artificial organ includes the vessels necessary for its work, collagen protein to create connective tissue and various biological molecules.

Researchers assure that the heart is capableshrink, but it's important for them to get their cells to work together. It’s too early to say that such a heart is able to completely replace a donor organ - researchers will have to work on all the minuses found.

By the way, this is the first time that someone has successfully designed and printed a whole heart with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and cameras.

3 Something incredible happened: Scientists have restored the cellular activity of the brain of pigs a few hours after the death of animals. This resurrection, which was carried out with the help of a complex system of artificial fluid, occurred four hours after the death of the pigs in the slaughterhouse.

Scientists put 32 brains in artificialthe system known as BrainEX — a chamber with a specially developed fluid that replaces blood, which is pumped through blood vessels, delivers oxygen, sugar, and other necessary ingredients at body temperature to maintain brain function. After six hours, dead brains in the system showed signs of activity.

Of course, on the human brain such researchno one is ready yet. However, this method in any case increases the likelihood that such approaches will one day be able to restore some function in the tissue of the human brain.

four. Meanwhile, in the Chinese desert builtMartian base for children. A simulator of the Martian base appeared in the middle of the Chinese Gobi desert. However, instead of placing astronauts who want to live on the Red Planet, teenagers were settled on this object.

On a white base with silver domes isnine modules, including accommodation, control room, greenhouse and airlock. Teenagers wear space suits and go hiking in the desert, exploring the caves in a martian-like landscape. The nearest city is about 40 kilometers away.

The company that deals with this projectplans to open a base for tourists next year. It is currently an educational institution. In the meantime, teenagers are exploring toy Mars, China plans to send a probe to the real Red Planet next year.

Do you think printed on3D printer organs to save humanity from the need to transplant donor hearts, kidneys and other parts of the body? You can write your opinion in the comments, or discuss in detail the topics in our Telegram-chat.