High technology news: the new SpaceX spacecraft and the wonderful hydrogel

Well, no way scientists will calm down, all somethingthey discover and invent (still, in science there is no weekend). Vaughn poured into the reservoir 96 million black balls! No, not to arrange a pool for children, but this is no less interesting.

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one. SpaceX is worth the second prototype of the Starship spacecraft in Florida. What for? It's simple - to speed up the development and testing process.

It is believed that parallel development immediately intwo places will greatly bring the day when the rocket will be ready for the first flight. Of course, it will cost a lot of money, but in the end the project can quickly pay for itself. The benefits of the Starship ship are many - for example, it will be able to deliver hundreds of Starlink Internet satellites to orbit, rather than 60 pieces each, as it is now.

It is possible that the first orbital flight of the Starship will take place at the end of 2020. So, at least, Ilon Musk spoke - he was 60% sure of this, which he mentioned on his Twitter account.

2 In the meantime, scientists have told which planetsThere is a chance to survive the death of his star (no, not the Earth). The study showed that compact planets will be much easier to avoid the effects of gravitational forces of their luminaries, rather than larger worlds.

Already we can assume that such planetslike Mercury, Venus and Pluto can survive the death of our Sun, which will undoubtedly happen in a few billion years. But our Earth is a much more complex world, which brings together several different layers of rocks, so making evaluation findings in this case is more difficult.

Computer simulations have shown that the planetsdestroyed, breaking up into small fragments, under the action of tidal forces, if they fall into the so-called "radius of destruction" at the time of the death of the main star of the system. So sooner or later the Earth can suffer such a fate.

3 To useful news - scientists have created a hydrogel,able to stop arterial bleeding! New hydrogel consists of water, gelatin and a mixture of proteins and other chemicals. It was thought that its structure would be as close as possible to human connective tissues. When ultraviolet light hits the gel, it hardens and thickens, sticking to the wound and preventing blood from flowing out. And all this in 20-30 seconds!

Researchers also report that they have experiencedhydrogel, puncturing the carotid artery of an experimental pig and applying a gel to the wound. Hydrogel not only covered the wound (and saved the life of the pig), but also contributed to the healing of the wound. Interestingly, a wound to the head, too, so you can heal?

four. In 2019, Israel had very littleto become the fourth country to successfully deliver a private robotic station to the surface of the moon. But ... the Bereshit device from SpaceIL fell on the surface of the Earth satellite and crashed. And most recently, NASA published a snapshot of the crash site of the lunar module "Bereshit."

To showcased after the crashchanges, NASA showed a photo three years ago the same area of ​​the moon. As can be seen, on the so-called Tranquility Sea after the fall of the object a bright spot with a dark crater in the middle, and rays up to a hundred meters long, formed. Probably, the crater arose with the destruction of the apparatus, and the rays - from scattered fragments.

Judging by the left "tail", the lunar apparatus crashed into the surface at an angle of about 10 degrees. He was the smallest landing module in history.

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