High technology news: the most dangerous artificial intelligence

In the world of high technology is constantly happeningso much new that even it is sometimes difficult for us to choose the most interesting. But we still could and now will tell. Spoiler: Mask has not flown to Mars, but the Chinese are ready to settle on the moon.

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one. Soon, instead of Turkey, we will fly to the ISS! Roscosmos will send two new space tourists to the ISS. The Russian state corporation and the American company Space Adventure signed a new contract for short-term space flights. The Roscosmos website states that both space tourists will be sent on the same ship for the first time.

Since 2001 on this program in space7 people visited - the last tourist was there in 2009. This time, Roscosmos will offer space tourists to fly around the Earth on the route of Yuri Gagarin, this will shorten the preparation time for the flight.

Already looking for where to write to be one oftourists? Forced to upset - they are already defined, though the names have not yet been reported. However, it is unlikely that you will be very upset when you learn that all the work on the creation of space technology will be carried out at the expense of their funds. Eh, the next billionaire will be sent ...

2 It seems to be brewing a small scandal. Ilon Mask and his company, SpaceX, filed a lawsuit against NASA, yes, at their direct employer and partner, because according to a contract with NASA, Mask supplies supplies to the ISS using their Falcon 9 missiles. The problem is that SpaceX lost the tender and now requires an explanation. First of all, Musk wonders why a competitor’s rocket was chosen for the scientific mission to the Trojan satellites of Jupiter, if the SpaceX rocket costs 30% less.

You see, the fact is that in the US supportprivate space activities are carried out directly through NASA - the agency issues grants and contracts to large companies, supporting their development and partly financing. If it were not for the support of NASA in the difficult years of SpaceX, the company might not have.

Nevertheless, on January 31, NASA announced that the tenderthe launch of the Lucy spacecraft to the asteroids of Jupiter in October 2021, will go to the United Launch Alliance, a joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, competing with the company Mask.

3 This week there is a test video on the web.marine drone "Poseidon" with a nuclear power plant. The video shows the preparation process and the launch itself. It is known that the submersible "Poseidon" has great combat power - it can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear ammunition. Its maximum travel speed is estimated at 200 kilometers per hour, and the power of a nuclear projectile can reach an impressive two megatons. The range of navigation of new devices can be almost unlimited.

In a message to the Federal Assembly, the Presidentannounced that the first nuclear submarine with the “Poseidon” will be launched into the spring of 2019. It is expected that the Russian Navy will acquire 32 unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be deployed on four submarines. One of them is likely to be the Khabarovsk special purpose submarine.

And if they called him the "Kraken", it would be funnier.

four. Who, if not Ilon Musk, is known for his bravepredictions? This week, he once again "insulted" anyone who doubts its ability to rid the world of drivers: Tesla's general director said that the function of full self-control in the company's cars will be completed before the end of 2019. And until the end of 2020, he added, she will be so capable that you can sleep at the wheel while she drives your car from the parking lot to work.

Today, Tesla customers who want to spend extra$ 5,000 can unlock the extended autopilot feature on their cars, which is much easier than Musk promises. This technology takes the car to the road, offers to hold or change the lane, helps with navigation along the road interchanges and exit.

We would see how Tesla autopilot can handle traffic jams in the center of Moscow during the summer excavations ...

five. Eh, scientists do not live peacefully - they took and developed the most dangerous artificial intelligence in the world.

He was supposed to translate the texts toother languages, answering questions and performing other useful tasks, however, research has shown that it can be extremely dangerous and used by attackers to mass deception of people.

For example, artificial intelligence can composewhole essay about the positive aspects of recycling or fantasy story in the style of "The Lord of the Rings". The system also copes with writing false news about celebrities, catastrophes and even wars.

Due to the fact that it can be used for the uncontrolled creation of fake news and publications in social networks, it was decided not to publish it in the public domain and keep it secret.

This is the main news from the world of high technology for the week. Who do you think will fly to the ISS? Will Ilon Mask win the court? Write about it in our Telegram chat.