High technology news: the first serial flying car

How much is a picture written by a neural network? Is it possible to create the first serial flying car? We already know the answers to these and many other questions from the world of high technology and are ready to share them with you.

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one. March 6 at auction in London appeared veryAn unusual lot is an installation, the main element of which is a neural network that constantly generates unique portraits. The project, entitled Memoirs of Passersby 1, will become the second work of art from AI, which will be sold. Moreover, this is the first such neural network, which was created specifically for the auction.

The installation consists of two screens connected bybetween themselves a small vintage chest of drawers (by the way, also an important part of the project, walnut tree after all). It is in this “nightstand” that artificial intelligence is located, which independently generates a stream of images. According to the creator of the project, the buyer of this lot will provide themselves with original portraits for life (yes, they never repeat).

How much is? Bidding will start from 50 thousand dollars and can reach a million. Gosh, Picasso paintings are often cheaper!

2 The development of flying cars are engaged in Audi,Airbus, Uber and many other companies, but almost all of them at the moment can only show the concepts of their creations. It seems that the Dutch company PAL-V was the first to present a working device that was certified and ready to fly.

Flying car PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Editionwas presented at the Geneva International Motor Show. The device has the shape of a gyroplane and is equipped with a huge screw that raises the entire structure upwards. If for some reason the flight will not be possible, it will be able to drive along the roads like a normal car - good, its screw is carefully folded.

The volume of the gas tank is 100 liters - every hourflight consumes 26 liters of fuel. Flight speed reaches 180 miles per hour. The company intends to release 90 flying cars, although you cannot fly to one in Moscow - the settlements are not yet ready for the emergence of such an unusual transport. And how great it would be to get to work in 15 minutes!

3 It would be just great if dentalThe seals had an unlimited service life. Unfortunately, due to chewing pressure and the damaging effects of microbes, they can last only 7-10 years. Very soon, this gap can be significantly widened - scientists from the Oregon University of Health and Sciences have created a new material and glue that will allow seals to serve much longer than before.

The main element of durable seals isthiourethane is a component that is used to impart wear resistance to ship decks and car bodies. Thanks to the new technology, people will not have to visit dentists as often as before. This will not only save money and nerves, but also prevent serious complications that may arise if you ignore problems with standard fillings.

By the way, did you also get the sound of a dental drill from the dentist's office in your head?

four. March 2, 2019, the event took placeThe world has been waiting for several years - the SpaceX spacecraft Crew Dragon was sent to the ISS at the top of the reusable Falcon 9 launch vehicle. There were no living people inside the spacecraft: they were replaced by the dummy of the main character of the series of science fiction films Alien - Ripley. The device without any problems docked to the International Space Station.

Crew Dragon ship designed to delivercosmonauts - earlier for this purpose the spacecraft "Soyuz" was used. The successful docking proved that NASA will no longer be dependent on Russian technology and will be able to deliver astronauts using SpaceX.

five. And here is the news from a parallel universe -Subaru cars began to break down because of perfumes and cosmetics! Apparently, the particles of these chemicals can negatively affect the sensors pressing the brake pedal, creating a kind of insulating electrical barrier. This barrier increases the electrical resistance, which leads to a decrease in the brightness of the brake lights. The problem with the signals may lead to another trouble: the car can simply not start.

Because of these consequences, the manufacturer reacted toproblem very seriously. He had to withdraw 2.3 million cars - this is the largest recall in the entire history of the company. True, this is not as epic as the story of Toyota, when she withdrew 900,000 cars due to the fact that the spiders began to weave a web in the drainage tube of the air conditioner.

This is the main news from the world of high technology for the week. Do you think the probe will fall to Earth? Will Tesla answer Volvo? Write about it in our Telegram chat.