High technology news: Tesla unmanned taxi

If mid-April was completely under the newsabout SpaceX, over the past few days all attention has been focused on Tesla. But Russian IT giants are not far behind - here, Yandex will launch its unmanned vehicles onto the streets of Moscow in May! Make yourself comfortable, now tell you about everything.

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one. Let's start with the fact that Tesla has increased the power reservetheir cars without changing the amount of batteries. How? The company has updated cars Tesla Model S and Model X, equipping them with permanent magnet synchronous motors, new transmission and cooling and lubrication systems.

With increased power reserve, battery capacitynot changed, and is 100 kilowatt-hour. But, according to the manufacturer, they charge as much as 50% faster - the main thing is to use the Supercharger v3 charging station. The new transmission also affects the acceleration of cars: the standard Tesla Model S accelerates to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, and the modification of the Long Range in 3.7 seconds.

Owners of updated cars are waiting for another surprise - Ludicrous Mode, which increases the power of electric motors. Yes, the very “red button”, which can not be pressed.

2 But this is not such an epic news asTesla plans to launch a network of taxis on autopilot in 2020 (Uber, farewell). Tesla will allow owners to add their appropriately equipped cars in the ridesharing application, which will work on the same business model as Uber or Airbnb. The company will take 25-30 percent of the profits from these trips, says Ilon Musk.

The introduction of new features will literally allowcars move completely autonomously, and not like now - only on the highway, supporting the lane and demanding that the driver follow the road. The final step will be software, which, according to Mask, will be fully completed by the middle of next year. From the interesting - the system works on the basis of data on 70 billion kilometers of the road collected by all Tesla cars.

How now to communicate with taxi drivers on the way?

3 At the end of 2016, Yandex begandevelopment of own unmanned vehicle control system. All this time, her drones were tested inside special landfills, but in May they will appear on the roads of Moscow. The autopilot system will be installed on Hyundai and Kia production models, but in the future the company intends to provide its software and hardware complex to other manufacturers.

The experiment will last until March 1, 2022 -cars of different companies will appear on the roads of Moscow and Kazan. At the first stages, a tester will be at the wheel, who in case of danger will be able to take control. But the developers hope that the cars will become as independent as possible and on the basis of them it will be possible to create services of unmanned taxi and freight.

Cars have already been tested in Moscow, Tel Aviv and Las Vegas, and may well learn to ride on the roads of other cities. The main thing is to teach them to park.

four. How are you doing in the rocking chair, guys? We thought so. Then this is news for you - plastic surgeons have learned how to pack fat on the belly in press cubes! They change the shape of the abdomen so that it seems as if you spend all your time in the gym.

A plastic surgeon uses conventional tools to create press cubes from several layers of abdominal fat, emphasizing the natural lines of the abdominal muscles.

As with most plastic proceduressurgery, there are specific recommendations that must be followed in this procedure. Within a few weeks will have to wear bandages, as well as to visit the doctor. Even more important is the continuation of a healthy lifestyle and sports. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to leave the hospital and lie down on the sofa for half a year, expecting you to remain Adonis.

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