High technology news: Russian electric car for 450,000 rubles!

While Ilon Musk is preparing to launch satellite Internet, in Russia they have developed a budget electric car! And it costs much less than Tesla. About this and much more - right now.

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How much is a Russian electric car?

one. The company Zetta announced sales of budgetan electric car made in Russia, which in the basic configuration will cost the buyer ... drum roll ... 450 000 rubles! It will be a small three-door "city-mobile" with electric two or four wheels.

And before you cry, “How do you like it, IlonMusk ", we add that all components - Russian production. In addition to the battery - it makes GE Power Technology, China. So some people nervously smoking on the sidelines.

In December 2019, the company will present aboutten experimental samples series and will begin sales. Next year it is planned to produce 2,000 cars, and then increase this number to 15,000 cars per year. In this case, the assembly will carry no more than 200 people. Why 450 000 rubles, you ask? Largely because of serious state support: the Ministry of Industry and Trade supported R & D, and the Development Fund helped with mass production: total investment in the project amounted to about 450 million rubles.

When will Starlink launch

2 And since I started talking about Ilona Mask, he wants toLaunch satellite Internet Starlink in a year! It is assumed that satellite Internet Starlink will be able to provide bandwidth of 1 terabit. According to Business Insider, this is enough for quiet viewing of 4K video by thousands of people at the same time.

According to Ilona Mask, satellite internetStarlink can provide communications for moving vehicles such as airplanes and ships, even with 1,000 satellites. He acknowledged that given the recent difficulties with the launch, this is also a rather large number, but it is this number of satellites that the company intends to launch over the next 12 months.

The first batch of 60 devices plannedsend last week, but the company postponed the mission two times in a row - first because of bad weather, and then because of a software bug. What did NASA learn from NASA?

Artificial Intelligence - to the masses

3 To another good news from Russia -Specialists from the Samsung AI Center-Moscow Artificial Intelligence Center in collaboration with engineers from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology developed a system capable of creating realistic animated images of people's faces based on just a few static human frames.

The system is able to create very realisticmodels of talking heads of people and even portrait pictures. The algorithms produce a synthesis of the image of the head of the same person with the lines of the landmark face, taken from another video fragment, or using landmarks of the face of another person.

To create more realistic animated face images, developers used previous work as well as a machine meta-learning approach.

What is the rarest object in the universe?

four. Meanwhile, scientists have discovered one of the rarest objects in the universe! This is an incredibly rare neutron star, resulting from the collision of two white dwarfs.

Bright infrared star located insidegas cloud, not emitting visible light. It is 40,000 times brighter than the Sun (in the infrared) and produces a powerful stellar wind that travels at a speed of 16,000 km / s. The typical solar wind speed of the largest stars is ~ 2000 km / s - this is for you to understand how fast this star rotates.

As the star burns, it generates enoughthermal pressure to prevent collapse and supernova that might otherwise have occurred. This is an incredibly rare phenomenon regarding the expected behavior of a pair of colliding white dwarfs.

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