High technology news: life on Mars is possible!

Today we have for you very important news from the world of high technology. They decided to send a new rover to Mars, and scientists proved that life is possible there at all! So let's get started soon.

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one. The results of the experiment on the ISS showed thatlife on mars is possible! Extremophilic bacteria “planted” on its skin were able to survive for 533 days under the influence of irradiation with solar ultraviolet radiation, as well as extreme temperature changes. The experiment showed in an expected way that some of them turned out to be incredibly resistant to the action of cosmic radiation, which, at least in theory, indicates the possibility of their quite comfortable existence in the soil layers of the Red Planet.

Life on Mars, of course, we have not yet found, but scientists are conducting experiments aimed at understanding the potential of its possible presence on the Red Planet.

Among all the planets of the solar system, Mars,perhaps the most likely candidate for the role of a planet capable of supporting life. But this is a very inhospitable place - the conditions are dusty, arid, with very little oxygen, there is reduced gravity, and the surface is exposed to constant solar radiation, because the atmosphere is discharged. Maybe Ilon Musk will fly first to live there?

2 Meanwhile, Roscosmos has not yet establishedthe reason for the appearance of holes in the lining of the "Union". According to the latest data, Roskosmos has not yet applied to the competent authorities to initiate criminal proceedings in connection with the appearance of a hole from a drill in the household compartment of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, Roskosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin told reporters. According to the head of the state corporation, there is still very little evidence for this.

Evidence is not enough for final conclusions, even those that were collected when astronauts went into outer space. May require additional experiments in orbit.

How exactly did the hole in the Russianmodule - a mystery. Among the versions of the appearance on the Soyuz spacecraft were a manufacturing defect, intentional damage to the skin by an American astronaut, a collision with a micrometeorite and space junk (the latter is unlikely since the hole type indicates that it was done from the inside).

3 But there is good news - the first test of the newNASA Mars rover completed successfully! According to the current NASA plans, the new device should go to Mars in July 2020. The main task of the new rover will be to find answers to one of the key questions about the Red Planet - was Mars inhabited in the past? To solve this mystery, the device will be equipped with a drill, with which it is planned to collect soil samples.

As reported on the official NASA website, the entireThe landing process will take about seven minutes. And it will become, perhaps, one of the most difficult trials that a new mobile scientific laboratory will have to face, because at this moment all the control of the landing will take place offline.

But Opportunity is still in our hearts!

four. Do you want to sharpen a double cheeseburger over the weekend? Deciding what you have at McDonald’s will be artificial intelligence soon. McDonald’s announced the purchase of an Israeli e-commerce company and the development of targeted (personalized) advertising technologies using artificial intelligence technologies.

McDonald’s plans to use technology topersonalized customer offers using quick order delivery terminals. Users of such terminals will be offered additional dishes taking into account the initial order, weather, distance to other catering points, time of day and other factors. For example, in hot weather, the system will advise you to buy ice cream or a soft drink.

Interestingly, and pickled cucumbers to get artificial intelligence, too, will teach?

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