High-tech news: Why do we need Starlink satellite internet?

Starlink satellite launch launched a real war on the Web. Astronomers complain - they say, the satellites are too bright, and the real stars from this is not visible. But do they make an elephant out of a fly?

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Satellite Internet Ilona Mask

one. Ilon Musk listened to this whole thing, listened and finallydecided to speak, at the same time answering some questions of excited enthusiasts of space exploration. He says there are already 4900 satellites in orbit that people never notice. Starlink satellites are also impossible to see if you do not look at the sky very much. And no problems for astronomy, they will not create. This atmosphere interferes with observations, not satellites. Only and do that distract the Mask from really useful things.

In any case, in the coming years, spacetraffic in Earth orbit will increase markedly. Because of this, some people may have a question about whether such a large number of satellites will not interfere with future space launches? The probability of crashing into one of these satellites will be about the same as the probability of being hit by a stone thrown from space if there were not 21.7 billion people on the planet.

And in general, it is not clear whowill use the Internet space, how it will work (including cost) and whether there is a market for such a large number of different companies. In addition, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that it would jam the global free Internet - from the Mask satellites or from any other sources.

Quantum phone from Russia

2 To innovations from Russia - the company "Infoteks"created an IP phone that protects data with quantum technology. To transmit information in this phone, photons are used, and if a third person connects to the network, they will certainly change their state, signaling a burglary. For each of the interlocutors, a random set of numbers is generated, after the exchange of which both parties create a common key. It is considered extremely reliable, so all traffic is encrypted using it.

Start of mass production of a quantum phonescheduled for the end of 2019. Due to the high cost, only very large organizations can afford it. By the way, 700 million rubles were allocated for the development of a quantum phone.

Sounds cool and expensive! But ... the quantum phone has one major drawback - the distance between the interlocutors can not exceed 15 kilometers. So with the satellite Internet Mask, he just will not work. And indeed, a copy of it has already been found on Amazon.

Where to hide the corpse?

3 Perhaps after this news in your headflashed "what kind of game?", but how do you like this: in the US they want to use ... corpses as fertilizer! It is said that the current funeral practices are harmful to the environment and, in some cases, are not psychologically satisfying. Partially, these practices are conducted due to historical agreement, partly due to funeral practices.

How does a repackage change this all? Transforming human remains into soil, the startup Recompose plans to minimize waste, avoid contamination of groundwater with embalming fluid and prevent carbon dioxide emissions from cremation, production of caskets, tombstones and monuments.

It seems that they speak fluently, and logical thoughts ... but still some kind of strange sediment. How do you like this idea? The startup has already attracted more than six million dollars of funding.

How to get money for a dream

four. Pokemon Go - the game in which you need to lookvirtual creatures in the real world literally dragged millions of people into the street and made them live an active life. Very soon, it will force people to go to bed and wake up in a cheerful mood on time - the developers announced a new device, Pokemon Go Plus Plus, which will monitor the quality of players' sleep and encourage them for a good night’s rest.

The device is made in the form of a disc-shapedequipped with an accelerometer, which monitors the activity of a person at night and recognizes his sleep phase. The collected information is sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth - players can pick up their rewards in the morning.

They say the creators want to "turn sleep into entertainment." We would sleep 3 hours a day, but they also want to have fun!

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