High Tech News: China's Artificial Sun

In the world of high technology, so much is constantly happening that even it is sometimes difficult for us to choose the most interesting. But we still could. So the next few minutes will spend together!

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one. It seems that death from a lack of vitamin D does not threaten us - China will complete the construction of an "artificial sun" this year!

To get alternative and limitlessa source of energy, scientists heat the plasma to record temperatures inside a special chamber called tokamak. In November, researchers managed to heat the plasma to a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius.

If this goal is really achieved,The new device will become a reliable template for the creation of thermonuclear reactors that will provide our planet with alternative energy. And you could call Tony Stark right away, he would have told everything about thermonuclear fusion!

2 Ilona Musk seems to have seven Fridays in the week. Tesla decided not to close all retail stores. But ... you have to pay for it to customers! Support stores will require cash, so the cost of electric cars Tesla Model S and Model X will rise again. The price of "budget" Tesla Model 3 will remain the same, and will amount to $ 35,000.

The company has already managed to close 10% of retailstores and assures that because of the low attendance, sooner or later they would still be closed. Nevertheless, she intends to restore the work of some of them, but with a smaller number of employees.

Buyers still have time to buy cars byreduced price until March 18th. It is noteworthy that in order to place an order in any case will have via the Internet, even in the store. Although what are we talking about, where are you going to go to Tesla in Russia?

3 And now is the time for really cool news.Russian scientists were able to turn back the clock! Almost. In fact, scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, together with colleagues from the United States and Switzerland, conducted experiments in which they successfully forced the quantum computer to return to the state of the past.

Of course, the discovery of Russian scientists is unlikelywill lead to the creation of a time machine through which people can travel into the past. However, the team of physicists was able for a split second to return the IBM quantum computer to the state in which it was a moment earlier. And even such a result can have surprising consequences for the future of computing, quantum physics and in general our understanding of time as such.

As it turned out, the electron can reallyto be spontaneously in the past: he returns to the state in which he was a moment ago. However, this should happen very rarely, and at the same time, the time of "rewinding" back will be only 0.06 nanoseconds.

four. Rover "Opportunity" became known not onlythe fact that he worked on the surface of the Red Planet for almost 15 years instead of 90 days, which scientists allotted to him. Alas, but on June 10, 2018, he contacted last time: then Mars was covered by a powerful dust storm, which, apparently, put an end to the brave and very hard-working rover. Nevertheless, NASA managed to get the latest pictures that the rover passed to Earth shortly before it went to sleep.

The last panorama of the rover was made up of354 pictures that were taken on the Pancam camera from May 13 to June 10, 2018. In the photo you can see the inner slope of the western shaft of the crater Endeavor, as well as the rover itself - more precisely, its tracks and antenna.

And here are the latest photos that"Opportunity" transferred to Earth before his "disappearance." Because of the darkness in the pictures there is a lot of “noise”, but if you try, you can find the Sun in the Martian sky. Found?

Well that you, here it is!

five. Its AvtoVAZ does not make its rover now -even Toyota is developing a lunar rover. One of the main requirements is the great freedom of action of space researchers - it is important that if they wish, they can even take off their costumes. Probably, in this way, the Japanese space explorers want to bring the day closer when people can feel on other space objects almost as at home.

It is already known that the lunar rover will be the size of twominibus with a living area of ​​13 square meters, and will accommodate two people. The allocated space is just enough for the researchers to shoot heavy suits. Solar energy will be used for power supply - it is expected that it will be enough to overcome 10,000 kilometers.

Interestingly, and inside everything is covered with Alcantara?

This is the main news from the world of high technology for the week. Do you think China can really create an artificial Sun? Write about it in our Telegram chat.