High-speed buoy will assist the drowning person faster than the rescuer (3 photos)

The water element is one of the most insidious and dangerousfor a man. In time to come to the aid of a drowning person is a pledge of his salvation. Now the water rescue service has many different means for accomplishing this mission, both specially trained people and water transport and technical means. The latest development in this industry is the Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy lifeguard manufactured by OceanAlpha of Hong Kong.

In the water, it behaves like a buoy thatremotely controlled by a lifeguard. The device can reach a speed of 15 km / h. The battery lasts for 30 minutes in the water. The wireless range for controlling the buoy is 500 meters. Using the remote control, you can return the device to its original position, even if strong waves turn it over in water.

The device is quite reliable, it has dimensions115 × 83 × 21 cm. An exhausted person can lie on it, grab onto the ropes reinforced along the hull. If the drowning state doesn’t inspire people on the shore of confidence that he will be able to climb the rescue buoy by himself, a rescuer can be sent from the shore on the apparatus who will rescue from the water captivity in distress, and another rescuer on the shore will manage the buoy movement in the water.

13kg buoy weighs and can hold twoadults, as well as towing an additional pair of people to the shore, holding onto the ropes. None of the equipment will harm people: the bright orange plastic case is equipped with a bumper in front, which protects against impact in case of accidental collision with a drowning man; Two screws are hidden in metal shells and do not pose a danger to people in the water.

The company OceanAlpha launched a new product in mass production. The preliminary price is $ 5,500 for one Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy.