High Power Antibiotic Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Widespread use of artificialIntelligence allows you to solve many problems for the implementation of which a person would take years of difficult work. The use of neural networks in pharmacology has allowed scientists to obtain a powerful antibiotic that can destroy several bacteria resistant to existing drugs.

Massachusetts Researchers GroupInstitute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University using a special algorithm, trained artificial intelligence to analyze chemical compounds to identify a drug that can effectively fight many diseases, better than modern drugs. In a short period of not more than a few days, more than 100 million chemicals were studied. As a result, one of the most powerful and effective antibiotics in the history of pharmaceuticals was identified.

At the next stage, scientists for 30 daystested the drug in experimental mice. As a result, it was found that many dangerous bacteria that are resistant to traditional bacteria are not able to withstand the action of the resulting substance.

The identified substance, according to scientists, maybecome one of the most effective antibiotics. As a result of testing, in particular, A. baumannii bacteria were destroyed, which infected many American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The new drug was given the name "Halicin."

Scientists believe that taking advantageartificial intelligence in pharmaceuticals will not only reduce the time to develop new drugs, but also increase their effectiveness and reduce the cost of development.

Source: NDTV