High Performance Soundproofing Material from Nissan (video)

Protecting the driver and passengers of the car from noisethe engine and the environment not only increases the comfort of the trip, but also reduces the factors that distract the driver from the highway, which reduces the risk of an emergency. Nissan showed at CES 2020 the result of many years of work - an innovative sound-absorbing coating that reduces the price and weight of the car.

New material called Acousticmetamaterial, first of all, has a lighter specific gravity, relatively traditionally used in the automotive industry for the insulation of rubber panels. The combination of a cellular structure and a plastic film damping acoustic vibrations allows you to limit noise in the range from 500 to 1200 Hz. This covers the entire acoustic range of noise from the road and engine. With the same acoustic properties with rubber, the metamaterial weighs 25% less.

As a result, designers will be able to reduce weightcars, which means to increase the specific power of the engine and improve other technical parameters of the car, reduce fuel consumption, improve the environment. The development of this technology was carried out by Nissan, starting in 2008. Nissan has not announced when the material will go into production in a production car or which vehicle may receive the material first.

Source: slashgear