Helmet with airbag: a new word in cycling

We have already written about bike computers, and now it is the turn for other lotions for sports fans.

Sometimes cycling can be more than dangerous. Therefore, without exception, all professionals ride in helmets.

But sometimes helmets cannot save you from serious accidents, and therefore the Swedish company has developed a special novelty for them.

Yes, the Swedes who are safety freaks. And they released a feature for helmets. What do you think it is? Correctly! Airbags for helmets.

Autoliv, which in principle works withautomotive safety systems and has partnered with protective clothing manufacturer POC to develop a prototype bicycle helmet with an airbag.

In theory, such a pillow could save a life, or at least mitigate the consequences of an accident.

This bike helmet is equipped with sensors thatcan track movements and determine whether you have fallen or are still sitting firmly on the bike. This sensor activates the control unit, which inflates the airbag.

The pillow system, in turn, worksSeriously. It protects the top and sides of the head. At the same time, the cushion becomes even more important than the helmet itself. If it absorbs the initial impact of a fall, then the helmet provides additional protection thanks to the foam padding.