Healthy aging: a digital nurse who dispenses medicines on time

Lately due to pandemic and dangerWith the emergence of new diseases, people are increasingly taking care of their own health. Therefore, the emergence of new developments in this area is not at all a surprising event.

In particular, an automatic drug dispenser appeared. It will be especially relevant to people who are often forced to take complex cocktails of medicines. It was created by Longevica engineers.

In free sale in any store it is not yet, but in vain. The price for such a device is more than affordable - no more than $ 200.

Among its features are tracking and reminding you to take your medications, and notifying you if you miss a medication.

Also, the device itself dispenses the necessary pills and warns, for example, a nurse if a person has missed an appointment.

As the company itself writes in the project description,the device is even more like a digital nurse. It is intended mainly for the elderly, and will allow them to monitor their health without setting an alarm once again.

For those who have already contributed their money, the device will begin to be delivered in January next year.

In addition to all its advantages, the Longevica devicealso tracks 80 health criteria that can be tracked through the app. It shows a real-time picture of a person's aging and combines medical indicators such as blood tests, etc.

Ideally, you can attach a medical cardto the application or even connect to the hospital, and in which case you do not have to go to the doctor so often. It seems that this may be true for our country as well.

In addition, the device can give out doses of medicines for some time in advance in case of a trip. The application will notify you when you need to take medication.