Headphones with a digital block will help you survive a disaster

If you're a sports fan and fed up with the form factor of wristwatches that track your performance, a team of engineers from the Eurac Research Institute in Italy has worked for you.

The institute has developed a special monitor with all the necessary parameters, only it is attached to your ear during training. Sound interesting?

In fact, the device is still designed forother purposes. MedSENS is larger than a medical device and is equipped with a special probe that is inserted into the ear and reads the data, then displays it on a monitor. A special strap holds the design on the head. The sensor reads the heartbeat, oxygen content in the blood, body temperature. The data is transmitted both to the screen and to the smartphone.

This new product is designed to be useddifficult conditions, when there is no other way to track a person's data. For example, during natural disasters or collapses of buildings. Although, apparently, the novelty can also become an analogue of smart watches.