Headphones Apple AirPods Pro completely unrepairable

IFixit Resource Enthusiaststraditions to test the build quality and maintainability of new devices, tested Apple AirPods Pro headphones. As a result, specialists came to the conclusion that the device was completely unsuitable for repair. The findings of iFixit say that the headphones can partially go through maintenance. However, the adhesive method of connection, the absence of replaceable modules, makes the repair an expensive event that is economically unreasonable.

Therefore, after running out of battery lifean AirPods Pro user will not be able to replace the battery on their own. Headphones will need to be sent to Apple, or to take part in the “battery maintenance” program, where you will have to pay $ 49 for each headphone.

Apple engineers stably in the thirdversions of AirPods leave no chance for users to repair themselves, the third model of headphones gets 0 points for maintainability on the iFixit.

However, during the disassembly of Apple AirPods Pro wererevealed some features of the headphones. First of all, enthusiasts revealed that an increase of 30% in the mass of the device is caused by the installation of an active noise reduction system and a microphone directed inward.

The only design detail was found,which you can replace yourself - this is a silicone nozzle of a non-standard shape, which does not allow using it in other headphones or replacing nozzles from models of other manufacturers.

The battery shape was also interesting - itround and resembles a standard watch battery. The battery of a similar design in the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones could be replaced independently, unlike Apple, which soldered the power cable directly to the battery. Thus, the manufacturers made the repair rather laborious, which was complicated by the presence of adhesive joints.

According to the iFixit verdict, Apple Headphones, which cost a considerable amount of $ 249, are a one-time, non-repairable model.

Source: theverge