Headphone Review Hidizs MS1 - Stylish Dynamic On Crowd Funding

At Hidizs, we love the idea of ​​collecting preliminaries.orders for their new products through Kickstarter. After a very successful campaign for the player Hidizs AP80, they decided to repeat this for headphones, running crowdfunding for two models at once. We will talk about the younger of them today.

Both versions of the headphones, which received the code name"Mermaid" (or Mermaid) is very similar to each other and externally, and the packaging with the package. The difference is that MS1 is a single-driver "dynamo", and MS4, which, unfortunately, did not come to my review, add to this 3 more emitters with a balanced anchor. Both models can be pre-ordered in three versions: basic, with one “bonus” to choose from and with all the “additives”. These bonuses include: a high-quality balanced cable, a Bluetooth wire and a USB-C DAC cable (if it's the same as in the Hidizs Sonata, this is probably the best option).

Prices neatly set "market average"the youngest model starts at $ 150 ($ 100 during crowdfunding), the older one is planned for sale for about $ 300, but now its price tag starts at $ 220.


  • Emitter: 10.2 mm dynamic
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB / mW
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Cable: interchangeable with 0.78 mm connectors
  • Weight: 16 gr.

Package and Delivery

Headphones come standard for Hidizsa box of rough cardboard with silver lettering. The insides are very similar to FiiO's flagship models, judging by the organization of the space in the box - they were made in one factory. Inside, except for the headphones themselves, there is a wire, a plastic case for storage and 12 pairs of nozzles, four types of 3 pairs: foamy, bassist, balanced and HF-oriented, modestly called “vocal”.

In the older model, most likely, there will be a better case (on the photos the imitation leather version flashes). Also, for ordering additional options, they will be included in the package.

In general, a set of accessories - more than good for this price category.

Design and wearing comfort

Appearance finally dispels doubts inKinship with FH5, with the exception of faceplates, headphones are almost the same. The cases are made of high-quality metal, the form is the traditional stylization “universal version of custom”. You can choose from three colors: dark gray, blue and red. In my gray version, the design is effectively complemented by a shiny insert on the outside of the headphones. Of the additional “decorations” are the company name and logo.

Thanks to its clever shape, the MS1 sits well inears, although the owners of small ears, they may be a little too big, but for this you need to be very unlucky. The sound system has a normal length, which provides sound insulation slightly better than average and comfortable wearing for any time.

Headphones are designed for earphones, and plantedtheir wire down is unlikely to succeed, even changing the complete cable. The latter, of course, is made replaceable, two-pin connectors are used (apparently, the developers do not want to run into problems with MMCX, as is sometimes the case with their colleagues). The wire itself is quite simple, at least in the MS1 version: the usual “silicone” insulation, the ears without memory effect, after the splitter there is a twisted “spiral” up to the plug. Operational properties, however, are normal: the wire hardens a little from the cold, almost does not mikronit and is resistant to entanglement.

The overall build quality is good; there are no problems or flaws here. Headphones look solid and strong, which adds points to the piggy bank attractiveness.


The following equipment was used for listening.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP as a DAC and Amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as a source
  • Fidelia as a player
  • Lotoo Paw Gold Touch, theBit OPUS # 2, Astell & Kern A & ultima SP1000 and others as portable players
  • High-resolution recordings in Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening, the headphones were heated for 48 hours, changes in sound were observed for about three hours.

When testing this model, I always caughtthe thought that MS1 is the “half” hybrid headphone. In fact, this is a very good dynamic model that really benefits from properly added reinforcing emitters, and I hope that the company did just that in MS4.

Bass is probably the first thing that draws on itselfAttention. The bass here is distinguished by good depth and density, which will please fans of rumble and rolling. Of course, these are not reinforcement bass on resolution, but for a speaker the speed is not bad, which gives a decent transfer of textures and nuances. Quantitatively, the bass is balanced and well controlled, not drowning out the midrange.

Mids carry traces of "fit" undertypical V-shaped frequency response with an emphasis on the "macro" part. The upper half of the MF practically does not cause any complaints: a slightly underlined pitch with a normal resolution provides expressiveness to the female vocal, aggression to the guitars and all the other “tricks” of the accented high frequencies. In the lower half of the range, sometimes you want to add a little “presence”, fortunately, this is not heard on all tracks. The imaginary scene is average in width and slightly less than average in depth, but the separation of plans and instruments is good, there is no tightness in the sound.

The upper frequencies are slightly accented, albeitno excess, but if you are sensitive to HF, headphones should be heard before you buy. The attacks with attenuation are slightly shorter than the “norm”, the length is not bad, but not beyond, the RF resolution is good, and they cope with their task of balancing the bass.

Since there are a lot of models in this price category, I limited myself to just a few models in comparison, trying to choose the most popular ones.

Ostry KC09 Where are without them? The Ostry is a bit smoother on the midrange, they have a little less bass and treble, while the MS1 also have a slightly deeper bass depth.

Whizzer A15 Pro Also a slightly smoother model with a slightly better resolution, but less weight and depth of the low frequencies.

iBasso IT01 A more aggressive pitch, which further emphasizes the upper part of the range, with the bass at the headphones slightly faster than the MS1, but less in depth.


MS1 is very “balanced” in terms of impedance andsensitivity, so they swing without problems by any sources. Since their presentation has a taste color - top players are clearly not needed for them.

Stylistically, headphones are more suitable forgenres in which weighty and dense woofers are needed, from pop music to something like a jazz double bass. The model is not particularly critical about the quality of the recording, about 5 points out of 10.

Some traditional tracks for example

Röyksopp - Alpha Male (Live 2) I don't really like live recordings, but sometimes I come acrossexceptions that break the rule about the knee and throw it to the side with a shout: “FATALITY”. And this track is an obvious example, with MS1 it will please not only with a spectacular rhythm section, but also with immersion into the atmosphere of the concert.

Pat Metheny - And I Love Her This is, of course, not Wichita Falls, but stillA brilliant example of guitar jazz. Of course, for full wagering of such tracks, headphones are needed more abruptly (maybe MS4, who knows?), But also the heroes of this review show themselves well, thanks in large part to the correct balance of weight.

The Handsome Family - Far from Any Road To my shame, I do not know anything about this team. Of course, I could go to Google and quickly become enlightened, but for some reason I did not want to do this, anonymity gives this most spectacular vocal duet a certain charm, even if it is subjective for me. And MS1 perfectly copes with the transfer of emotions and instrumental accompaniment.


While I was writing this review, the headphones are several timesbypassed the “goal” set on Kickstarter, once again proving the success of crowdfunding ideas. However, time still remains with a margin, and if you are looking for interesting headphones at a good price, Hidizs Mermaid can be one of the options for consideration.

Buy Hidizs MS1

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