2022 Haval Jolion test on the high road

Last year, we already had a test of the Haval Jolion compact crossover, but then I tested the car according to

mostly in urban conditions, but now we went by car on a trip to Russia.

Haval Jolion test. Chinese for the city

Haval Jolion is a new compact crossover from the Chinese automaker, which entered the market in 2021, and its production is already localized in Russia, near Tula.

We had two bags of weed, seventy-fiveampoules of mescaline, 5 sachets of lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD, a salt shaker half-filled with cocaine… wait, that's not it, that's a quote from the cult movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. We had one Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage 20″ suitcase, two Skoda travel bags and two small backpacks, one of which was for children. All this goodness easily fit into a 337-liter Jolion trunk, albeit small compared to competitors, under a hard shelf. When you have all this luggage in your hands, you really want the trunk to open in a contactless way, but, alas, Haval does not have a mechanism for automatically opening the fifth door, even in the top configuration. So we put everything on the floor and open the trunk with handles. And if you don’t experience difficulties when packing your bags, then when you place your suitcase in the luggage compartment, you immediately notice a large loading height, and when you close the door, you also pay attention that the recess / handle on the door is provided only on the right side. If we had twice as many things, then we would obviously not have enough trunk, we would either have to remove the shelf and load things up to the ceiling, or fold one of the backs of the sofa, which forms a flat floor and increases usable space.

But a relatively small trunk does not meanthat the car is small, just the developers have reduced its volume to add space in the cabin. And there is really a lot of space inside, with a height of 187 cm I calmly sit down behind myself, my knees do not rest against the back of the front seat, there is space below, as well as above my head. At the same time, the doors that completely cover the thresholds open wide and, when getting in / out, the wheel arch only slightly interferes, since the sofa is shifted as far back as possible and you have to sort of roll over it. The child behind me is also spacious, and the Isofix mounts are located at the edges of the sofa, however, hidden between the pillows, which makes it slightly difficult to install a child seat.

Speaking of the salon, it is worth noting a very pleasantinterior design, for the most part made of high-quality, visually and tactilely pleasing materials. Yes, hard plastic is used below the eye level, but quite solid. The bright interior, as in the test car, looks even more interesting, but requires attention and constant care, so here it is worth thinking carefully about which color to choose.

Driving a Haval Jolion in absolute comfortonly people of short and medium height will settle down, tall drivers will immediately notice a short seat cushion and, most importantly, the lack of steering wheel adjustment for reach. In addition to this, a strangely implemented seat lift (the driver's seat with electrical adjustments, while the passenger seat is only with mechanical ones) limits the comfortable fit, which does not know how to lift the front and rear of the cushion separately, but does it only together with longitudinal adjustment. Plus, the chairs, although they look visually attractive, in fact turn out to be too soft, with not the best profile and lack of lumbar support, but at least with developed lateral support.


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It took me several hours to pick upfor myself the most comfortable fit, but despite this small victory, anyway, on a long journey in the Jolion chairs, I got tired pretty quickly, so I had to make stops a little more often to warm up. I wish Haval engineers paid more attention to the front seats of the car, made them a little stiffer, changed the profile a little and added lumbar support.

By visibility from the driver's seat to the crossoverthere are no questions, the racks are thin and do not block the view, and the rather large side mirrors set aside are also supplemented by a blind spot monitoring system with a bright indication in the far corner. The latter is activated by the car and in the parking lot, warning with a sound signal about moving vehicles, so that it is safer for you to open the doors.

Full LED optics have a beautifuldrawing of daytime running lights, but the headlights give diffused light, I would still like to get a more concentrated beam. Although I would not say that when driving Jolion at night, I was very unhappy with the head light, it just could have been better.

Digital instrument panel in Jolion existsonly as a tribute to fashion and completely cut off from the car's media system. In addition, it is a 7-inch display, inscribed in the center, which does not even occupy the entire surface of the shield. The only positive thing is that the panel displays the work of assistants in graphical form, as well as a digital speedometer. But the latter is not so important, since there is a high-quality projection with two types of information layout and a separate “Snow” mode that changes color accents so that the data can be clearly seen in winter. In addition, information about the incoming call is displayed on the projection - at least something, as well as data on new SMS messages, however, who needs them in 2022.

As for the media system, Jolion has itEquipped with a 12.3-inch IPS touch display with medium resolution. The screen is installed in such a way that you do not need to reach for it, just raise your hand. The only thing is that if the controls are on the right side, then yes, it will be a little more difficult to reach them. The display has a high-quality picture, good viewing angles and a good response, it is also worth noting a decent oleophobic coating.

The system menu is well-drawn andsmooth operation. There are two types of information display to choose from, it is possible to change the color palette and set background images (both offered by the manufacturer and uploaded by the user). Of the typical Chinese options - the ability to play video, even on the go.

There is no built-in navigation in the crossover, but there issupport for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay platforms, everything is only by wire, so you can use the same Yandex.Navigator, which I, in fact, successfully used during the trip. Two smartphones can work in the system in parallel, one hangs connected via Bluetooth, the second at this time works through the OS developer's car platform. For unknown reasons, the USB connectors are mixed up in the car, the one that comes with the smartphone icon is actually an additional one, and the main one comes with the usual USB designation. Yes, five USB-A connectors are available in Jolion, the Chinese, it seems, have not grown up to Type-C yet. Two are located in the front half of the cabin on the lower tier of the center console, another one is next to the cabin mirror, it is convenient to hang DVRs / radars there if they use such a power connector. Two more USBs are available to rear passengers. Also, to recharge gadgets, you can use the large platform on the central tunnel, which integrates wireless charging according to the Qi standard. Since I used smartphones as navigators, I simply turned off wireless charging through the settings menu, and used a niche to conveniently place one of the devices. The second smartphone I also lay on the central tunnel, but in a small pocket, where it fit only sideways.

On the track, the driver is assisted by an adaptivecruise control, which works in tandem with a tracking and lane keeping system, the latter is activated automatically at speeds of 60 km / h. The system drives the car quite well, the minimum specified distance (all settings are made from convenient keys on the steering wheel) allows the car not to let go of the vehicle ahead at the start too far, while it slows down in advance as soon as it sees an object ahead and analyzes its speed, and unobtrusive auto steering allows you to safely pass the bends of the road. The system allows you to release the steering wheel for 15 seconds, after which it will ask you to take control again. At the same time, cruise control performs well in sluggish traffic jams.

But, unfortunately, it was not without drawbacks.So, the system stumbles on winding sections with continuous markings and starts to actively slow down where it is not needed, the driver has to turn on and maintain speed by pushing the gas. The radar does not read half of the car well, which is surprising, since it sees the same motorcycle correctly, it is better to take control during the maneuvers of the vehicle in front. Plus, the radar is set too low, so when going down the mountain, the Jolion starts to peck and slow down on level ground. It is a pity that the manufacturer did not implement a quick deactivation of the steering system in the lane from the steering wheel, as is done by some competitors, which would make it possible to turn a blind eye to some roughness in its operation.


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When parking, sensors come to the rescue andcameras around. The picture from the cameras is of good quality with markings, and besides this, information from the parking sensors is superimposed on it in a graphical form, showing four separate points, like in a BMW. Not without automatic parking, which occurs without driver intervention in the process, and you can park not only in your pocket, but also in parallel. In addition, the system helps to get out of a pocket with poor visibility, analyzing the situation around, the automation will tell you if there are moving objects nearby.

We had a Haval Jolion with 1.A 150 hp 5.0-litre petrol four-cylinder turbo engine mated to a 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission with all-wheel drive. Such a car allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds, and its maximum speed is 185 km / h. Also on the market there is a front-wheel drive version of the crossover with a manual transmission, both come with the same engine, but derated to 143 hp.

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The engine-box connection is configured for the crossovernot perfect, there are failures at the start, plus the robot sometimes thinks for a split second before switching to a lower gear. With smooth movement, there are no complaints either to the motor or to the box, either in the city or on the highway, all nodes work correctly and without problems. Difficulties begin only with sharp maneuvers or when you need to overtake. The latter must be done very carefully, since from 80 km / h the acceleration of the car is already sluggish, you have to lower the gears and squeeze the accelerator to the floor with the steering column switches. At the same time, the engine takes the highest note, its “screech” becomes very well distinguishable in the cabin, but we still don’t get the necessary acceleration. In order not to force the engine and myself, I started smooth acceleration in advance and went out to overtake when the oncoming lane was absolutely free, and already at the exit I smoothly reached the required speed, and there the manner was already completed.

Moreover, at city speeds to Jolion specialno questions arise, it is easy to stay on it in the stream, and even making some kind of maneuver is not a problem, you just need to keep in mind a slight box delay during kickdown. On the track in some situations it becomes more difficult, but if the road is free or you are not going to constantly overtake passing vehicles, then Haval will also be a joy for you. In addition, the car is very pleasant to drive, especially considering that it is a crossover. Yes, she lacks sharpness, but still she is not wadded, like some competitors.

According to the manufacturer, the all-wheel drive HavalJolion consumes 6.9 liters of fuel per 100 km on the highway, 8.2 in the combined cycle and 10.4 in the city. In general, this is how it turned out for me, although on the highway the consumption sometimes fell even lower, averaging 6.5 liters per hundred. You can fill the crossover with 92nd gasoline, but it is still recommended to use the 95th. The tank capacity of the Jolion is quite suitable for long runs and is 55 liters.

I liked the comfort on the Haval Jolion highway, inthe cabin is not perfect silence, but there are few extraneous sounds, so you can talk to passengers without raising your voice. The suspension handles most bumps fairly well, only roughing up potholes and sharp-edged protrusions. I didn’t go off-road on a crossover, but there was a moment with a tightly broken piece of primer, which passed quite calmly, yet the ground clearance of 190 mm and all-wheel drive turned out to be useful here.

The car has dual-zone climate control.with control on the main display, which is not very convenient, especially when calling the settings screen when Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is running. It would be possible to hang a quick access to it on one of the touch buttons on the panel in front of the screen. The climate system works in automatic mode very well and practically does not require adjustments in the process. But a couple of times I had some kind of malfunction with the temperature sensor, and the air conditioning system practically stopped working in automatic mode, believing that it was +18 outside, and +23 in the cabin, although it was 30 outside at that moment, and in the cabin is clearly more than 23. In this situation, manual settings helped, although after a while it came to life on its own and again began to work correctly on the machine. Yes, I note that the climate control, when operating in fully automatic mode, does not allow constant strong airflow, and in its settings you can select the intensity from three available levels. It is also useful to have separate air ducts in the rear of the cabin with the possibility of their mechanical overlap.

Haval Jolion price for today on the sitethe manufacturer starts at 2,029,000 rubles for the initial version with mechanics, for the machine you will have to throw 100,000 rubles. The top equipment of the car with all-wheel drive will cost 2,519,000 rubles. In general, this is quite an acceptable price in the current realities for a nice and well-equipped city crossover, on which it is quite possible to go on a trip.