Harley Davidson introduced electric scooter and moped (6 photos + video)

After the presentation of the first in history completelyLiveWire electric motorcycle at CES 2019 this year, the company from Milwaukee again surprised everyone with two new electric vehicle concepts. Harley Davidson officially introduced two new prototypes - electric bicycles and electric scooters.

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The first concept looks futuristic.Mountain bike. The second concept of the scooter is more focused on off-road, with active movement on the slopes. Both designs are equipped with removable batteries that can be easily delivered to the next charge, for example, in the house. Unfortunately, the manufacturer still keeps all the technical characteristics of future innovations. The extremes managed to test the devices during the “Winter X Games” competition in the American ski resort of Aspen.

It seems that with two new conceptsscooter company is ready to make the transition from outdated IC engines to electric transmissions. In addition, the company also pointed out that Harley Davidson's new electric models are designed to help riders begin training without requiring a motorcycle license to ride them. True, the cost of new products may not be affordable for everyone. So, by the way, the price of the first electric motorcycle Harley Davidson LiveWire, starts at $ 29,799.