Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle turned out to be more powerful than it was supposed

In 2018, in the framework of the Italian exhibition EICMA,Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first LiveWire electric motorcycle. Although his mass market entry was scheduled for September 2019, little was known about him so far. Finally, at the Geneva Motor Show, the company began to reveal a veil of secrets about the premium motorcycle. The manufacturer conducted a new series of tests that proved that the new product will be much faster and more reliable than previously thought.

Initially it was thought that from a single chargethe motorcycle will be able to drive about 177 kilometers. A new estimate of the range of driving test SAE J2982 showed that the figure will be more impressive and will be as much as 225 kilometers. In addition, the company revealed a mixed range rating for driving on the highway and the city - 142 kilometers.

Potential buyers were also interested in howfast the bike will recharge the battery. The novelty supports charging the third level, which provides energy replenishment in the shortest possible time thanks to the increased power. Thus, it will be possible to charge the battery up to 80% in 40 minutes, and up to 100% in one hour.

Previous information also suggested thatthe bike can accelerate to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. In fact, everything turned out to be much better - the acceleration time is only 1.9 seconds. With all this, the company did not disclose information about the engine power or torque. Most likely, all this will be known closer to the fall.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire costs around30,000 dollars. At this price, the company needs to seriously think about the exclusive features of the new product, since competitors are already offering similar motorcycles at more attractive prices. For example, the electric Zero motorcycle also charges up to 100% in one hour and accelerates to 200 km / h. At the same time it costs no more than $ 20,000.

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