Hard to make a choice? Amazon Presents Shazam for Clothing

Among our readers there are definitely those whoThey watch all sorts of "Fashionable sentences", and in choosing their wardrobe focuses on the advice of experts from these programs. But time changes addictions and benchmarks, and gradually the choice of people "advisers" for themselves to purchase clothes is shifted towards artificial intelligence.

Still in the clothing market, according to Verge,Amazon was poorly represented. In 2017, she introduced the Echo Look camera, which gave fashion tips. But Look functioned with low quality, allowing annoying misfires. Now, the company is attempting to fill this niche with the help of a new feature for the StyleSnap application, which is based on smart algorithms of artificial intelligence. Amazon plans to “change how you buy clothes” forever by appealing to your subscribers via a blog.

Giving information through a photo or imageStyleSnap about your preferences in style and texture of clothes that meet your tastes, you will receive from the application recommendations on the availability of similar things for sale that you can purchase right now.

Its technology at the conference Re: MARS company commissioned to present to retail director Jeff Wilke. The words he uttered convincingly sounded: "Simplicity for users underscores the complexity of the technology behind it."

Since the technology itself is no longer new and similarThe clothing service is successfully mastered by Asos, an online clothing giant, and several smaller enterprises, such as and, only relying on AI quality will help Amazon take its rightful place in this sector of the services market. After all, for artificial intelligence it is quite easy to understand the basics of style (matching a similar piece of clothing from similar material and similar cut), but the developers want to achieve a breakthrough: they want AI to understand even the features of various brands of manufacturers and niche preferences of consumers.

And this task is feasible: Amazon is already the leader in the development and integration of artificial intelligence, and the most famous and popular product of the company in this area is the voice assistant Alexa. It was appreciated not only by users, but also by developers.