Hard Drive Shipments Fall 15% in Q2

The Storage Newsletter agency presented data on deliveries in the second quarter of this year of mechanical rigid

disks.According to the agency's report, they decreased by 15.4% compared to the first quarter and by 45% compared to last year. The main market players - Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba experienced a double-digit decline in sales. In total, 44.65 million devices were supplied to the world market. Hard drives peaked in 2010 with 651 million units shipped to the market, with average quarterly sales of over 162 million units. Seagate was the leader last quarter with shipments of 20 million devices and a 44.5% share of total sales. In second place is Western Digital with shipments of 16.48 million devices and a share of 36.9%. Toshiba closes the top three market leaders with shipments of 8.29 million devices and a share of 18.6%.