Half of AI startups don't actually use artificial intelligence

Over the past few there are quite a fewstartups who say that they use artificial intelligence in their developments. But is it really? The London-based venture capital firm MMC examined the activities of almost 3,000 start-ups in 13 European countries to find out. And the results of the study were disappointing.

Almost half of these startups, as it turned out,in fact, they do not use artificial intelligence in their business - more precisely, they do not fully use AI. Moreover, information on the use of AI is often not distributed by employees or the management of start-ups, but in the media and on specialized sites. True, companies themselves are not in a hurry to correct erroneous information.

Why? The answer is simple: almost every startup is interested in attracting investments. And when at a meeting with investors, he says that he works with AI, he gets 15–50% more investments than other companies.

In fact, startups often use AI not tosome serious developments or scientific discoveries. Almost a quarter of companies make chatbots based on artificial intelligence; others create algorithms for employees or fraud detection. There is actually no practical benefit from this introduction of AI.

In fairness it is worth noting that someCompanies still create innovative technologies based on AI - however, in most cases they are at universities and receive funding from educational institutions and outside investors. So, recently the most dangerous artificial intelligence in the world has been developed. He can compose a whole essay about the positive aspects of recycling or fantasy story in the style of "The Lord of the Rings."

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