Hacking a computer using display brightness (video)

Theft of confidential user dataa computer can be implemented using very original, even unexpected methods. Experts from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University have invented a method of hacking a computer disconnected from the Internet and without physical access to it by analyzing changes in the brightness of the display.

The methodology is based on the analysis of the smallestchanges in screen brightness that are not noticeable to the human eye, but which a sensitive video camera can capture. Also, a virus program must first be downloaded to the computer.

A malicious program, once on a computer, leadsSearch for sensitive data: passwords, encryption keys, images and any other files. Then, the obtained data is converted into the binary system “0” and “1” and, by adjusting the brightness of the monitor, is transmitted in a manner similar to Morse code. The criminals now need only a video surveillance camera capable of “taking” such data from a computer screen.

A rather complicated and time-consuming method is more likelytotal will never be used in a real situation. However, the technique has the main advantage: hacking can be done without an Internet connection. Earlier, Israeli experts had already experimented with hacking computers using various equipment, such as a mouse, keyboard, or power cable.

Source: engadget