Hackers will get the money and the car for hacking Tesla Model 3

Tesla is trying by all means to protecther electric cars from breaking into, and she definitely has something to work on. There is plenty of evidence - for example, once hackers from Belgium were able to trick the Tesla Model S system and open the car’s doors. In order to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, the company awarded hackers with money in the amount of up to $ 15,000 for finding any software flaw. In 2019, Tesla went further and announced its readiness to donate a Tesla Model 3 to the winner of the Pwn2Own hacker competition in the car category.

Pwn2Own competition has been held since 2007 - inwithin its framework, hackers break into laptops, tablets and other equipment and get cash prizes for it. This year, the organizers decided to add a category of cars, and the first representative was chosen Tesla Model 3. Participants will find vulnerabilities in the system of protection, autopilot and other parts of the software. These systems are responsible for the important functions of the car up to the lane change, so participants will receive from 35,000 to 250,000 dollars for successful exploitation of vulnerabilities. The absolute winner in the category of cars will receive the main prize - the new Tesla Model 3.

We look forward to working with Pwn2Own and want to reward her for continuing to improve our products.

David Lau, Vice President of Software

It is worth recalling that Tesla has no problemsonly with software security. Earlier, it was quite dangerous to drive a Tesla Model 3 in the dark - the right front headlight lit up the road a little worse than the left. Fortunately, in July 2018, the company fixed this problem by installing new headlights on cars.

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